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Top 5 Benefits of Mulch

When the ground thaws and the sun consistently returns, it’s somewhat of a rite of passage in the Midwest for home and business owners to get outside and spruce up … MoreContinue reading

How City Officials Can Choose the Right Waste Management Service Provider

Choosing the right service provider for waste management can seem like a daunting task for an individual. There’s a lot to consider, and price is only a small part of … MoreContinue reading

Quiz: What Recyclable Material Are You?

If you were a recyclable material, what would you be? See what commodity type you are by taking this fun personality quiz!   CLICK HERE for more details on how you … MoreContinue reading

Quiz: Do You Have What it Takes to be an LRS Earth Day Hero?

Think you have what it takes to be an LRS Earth Day Hero? Test your knowledge with this exciting quiz! CLICK HERE for more details on how you can give … MoreContinue reading

LRS Celebrates Earth Day – April 22

Each year on April 22, 180 countries around the world come together to show their support for environmental protection. Since 1970 when the environmental movement started, people across the globe … MoreContinue reading

Remodeling Your House? A Roll-off Dumpster May Be for You

Anyone who remodels their house knows that it can be stressful and expensive. It can also come with a lot of hidden fees that aren’t expected or planned for. Among … MoreContinue reading

Spring Cleaning? Drop Off That Recycling, Too

With warmer weather right around the corner there are plenty of people who are already involved with spring cleaning. Whether you’ve started on it or are still making a game … MoreContinue reading

Use Portable Bathrooms for Your Next Construction Project

When you’re doing a construction project that involves the bathroom, kitchen, or laundry room, it’s very possible that the water will need to be off for an extended period of … MoreContinue reading

Something Old, Something New: 10 Surprising Products Made from Recycled Materials

Many of the items you recycle are reused in predictable ways. For example, most aluminum cans and sheets of paper will be used to manufacture more soda containers and paper … MoreContinue reading