Daily Archives: September 14, 2017

A Look at Lakeshore Recycling’s Aerobic Digester

Lakeshore Recycling Systems has launched an aerobic digester in Chicago, enabling the facility to take in 15 tons of organic waste a day that is processed into three tons of fertilizer within seven days. If the technology proves out over a three-month pilot, Lakeshore’s plan is to install eight more systems at its other Chicago facilities. MoreContinue reading

Lakeshore Recycling Systems Acquires Area Restroom Solutions, Expanding Its Chicagoland Portable Restroom Services Business by Over 20 Percent

LRS acquired Area Restroom Solutions (ARS), a leading Chicago-area portable restroom rental company. The acquisition boosts LRS’ temporary services line of business by 20 percent, offering customers immediate access to portable restroom services used most frequently at construction sites, park districts and outdoor events. MoreContinue reading

LRS has Acquired Area Restroom Solutions, Expanding its Portable Restroom Services by Over 20 Percent

LRS is continually searching for new methods to increase service levels to customers and spread its services geographically. On September 14, LRS announces its most recent expansion with the acquisition … MoreContinue reading