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5 Tips for Cultivating a Zero-Waste Lifestyle

Is a truly zero-waste lifestyle possible, or will we always require waste removal for some items? While that extreme level of waste reduction seems unrealistic, an NYU environmental science major … MoreContinue reading

Lakeshore Raised Nearly $70,000 for Lupus Society of Illinois

Since early summer, Lakeshore has been raising money for Lupus Society of Illinois and on October 20 we pulled the raffle drawing winners, with 30 amazing prizes available. Together, the … MoreContinue reading

Key Things to Know About Recycling Glass

Glass is one of the most easily recyclable items of all consumer materials. Most glass jars and bottles that are manufactured in the U.S. today are comprised of around 27 … MoreContinue reading

So, What Exactly Do Those Recycling Numbers Mean on the Bottoms of Plastic Items?

You might have glimpsed numbers on the bottoms of plastic containers and bottles. Are you aware of their meaning and how these numbers apply to sustainability and recycling practices? When … MoreContinue reading

Tips for the Proper Disposal of Batteries

Batteries can pose a challenge for businesses and households looking to do the right thing in terms of waste management. From small batteries in watches, to standard AA, AAA, C … MoreContinue reading

Chicago Youth Learn About Recycling from the U.S. Green Building Council

On August 5, 2017, about 30 Chicago students spent their day learning about sustainable waste management and recycling practices. It was part of a program offered by the U.S. Green … MoreContinue reading

5 Eco-Friendly Strategies for Construction Companies

The mindset of consumers, public servants, property owners and corporations has shifted toward protection of the environment. Most say they would pay more for an eco-friendly product or service over … MoreContinue reading

10 Eco-Friendly Yard Waste Management Tips

There are numerous ways to minimize waste and help preserve the environment. Practicing eco-friendly approaches to waste management is one of the most beneficial things you can do. The goal … MoreContinue reading

6 Tips for a “Greener” Office and Workplace

With environmental awareness on the rise, most business owners are looking for a more eco-friendly approach to waste management. Consumers are increasingly seeking out companies that keep the environment in … MoreContinue reading

A Look at Lakeshore Recycling’s Aerobic Digester

Lakeshore Recycling Systems has launched an aerobic digester in Chicago, enabling the facility to take in 15 tons of organic waste a day that is processed into three tons of fertilizer within seven days. If the technology proves out over a three-month pilot, Lakeshore’s plan is to install eight more systems at its other Chicago facilities. MoreContinue reading