5 Key Features to Look for In Construction Project On Site Storage Containers

On site storage containers can be crucial to the success of a construction, remodeling or demolition project. Whether you’re adding on, renovating or building from the ground up, optimal storage for tools, materials and key equipment is an essential consideration for construction companies.

However, there are some important elements you should insist upon. No matter what the size or scope of your project, look for these five important features in on site storage containers:

1. Durability in Design, Materials and Construction

The best on site storage containers for construction sites will be strong enough to both house your supplies and withstand a range of conditions. From weather changes to workplace hazards, on site storage containers should be able to handle it. The best on site storage containers are made of thick steel and embody resilient construction and design.

2. High Visibility and Safety Features

Construction sites can be dangerous enough, and your on site storage containers shouldn’t add to these hazards. Look for on site storage containers that don’t have sharp edges or other elements that could pose a risk to persons on the job site. The color of on site storage containers can add to their safety and visibility as well; favor bright colors like orange or bright white. The safety of gray on site storage containers or other colors can be enhanced with reflective safety tape to assist with visibility.

3. Security For Your Tools and Equipment

The security of the contents of on site storage containers is another component of their effectiveness. Tools, materials, equipment and other components are crucial to the success of your construction project. Favor on site storage containers that have double locking doors so that you can be assured maximum security of your items even when you are not on site.
4. Flexible and Versatile

On site storage containers should also be sizable and versatile enough to house a range of materials. Whether you need to store tools, equipment, materials, overstock or general items, the unit should be able to accommodate them. A range of size options is ideal so that you can select the perfect storage configuration for your needs. Large double doors allow for easy addition and removal of items from on site storage containers as needed. 

5. A Proven Provider

Lastly, on site storage containers should be obtained from a trusted, reputable source. Lakeshore Recycling Systems offers on site storage solutions for the construction industry to assist in the safe storage of tools, construction materials, equipment, overstock items and general storage. Our on site storage containers have all of the features discussed here – and more.

If you are planning a construction, renovation or demolition project, count on Lakeshore Recycling Systems for all your on site storage needs. Give us a call and we’ll assist you in connecting with the perfect size, volume and quantity of on site storage containers for your outdoor storage needs.