7 Simple Ways Your Family Can Live More Sustainably at Home


Most families have good intentions about living sustainably, but they don’t always follow through with action. This infographic shows just how easy it can be to live more sustainably all year round. Proper waste management and making use of the recycling center is important, but more can be done. Take these seven easy steps toward making your household more eco-friendly:

1. Make Use of Resale Stores For Clothing

Did you know that around 40,000 gallons of water are used every year to produce and transport new clothing for the average American household? You can help to offset this by donating clothing and shopping at resale stores.

2. Smart Paper Use

Strive to use paper in your household that is chlorine-free and made from 100% post-consumer waste. Select a printer that has Energy Star approval.

3. An Easy Way to Conserve Water

Did you know that the simple act of installing a low flow shower head can reduce the water usage of a family of four by up to 18,200 gallons? This is an extremely easy step that any household can take.

4. Favor Energy Star Appliances

If your appliances are 10 years old or older, they are far less efficient than newer models on the market today. In fact, some are up to 80 percent less efficient than current models! Replace those old appliances, and you’ll be doing both the environment and your monthly energy bill a favor.

5. Make Eco-Friendly Flooring Choices

Did you know the manufacture of carpeting creates millions of gallons of polluted waste water? Favor wood flooring or natural stone tile choices over carpet in your home. If you must choose carpet, select a style made from a natural fiber like bamboo or hemp.

6. Start a Compost Bin In Your Yard

Composting your biodegradable waste allows you to improve soil quality and fuel plant growth in your yard. It also reduces what you’re putting into landfills through traditional waste management disposal methods.

7. Use LED Bulbs In and Around Your Home

Halogen bulbs last an average of 3,000 hours. By contrast, LED bulbs last a stunning 45,000 hours. They also run cooler and use far less energy. While LED bulbs cost more, you’ll use far fewer of them. The savings will be exponential over time, and you’ll reduce your amount of household waste that ends up in landfills.

Living sustainably is easier than you might have thought. In addition to proper waste management and making use of the recycling center whenever possible, these seven tips can help your family to reduce their carbon footprint. You’ll feel better about your day to day choices, and the environment will thank you!

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