Calculating the Right Size for a Commercial, On-Site Storage Container

When you have a commercial project in the works and you need an on-site storage container, you want to make sure you get one that’s the right size. Too small, and you can’t store everything you need. Too large, and you end up paying more than you need for the storage needs you have. Neither one of those is a good choice, of course, so it’s vital that you find the right size container. The best commercial on site storage containers Chicago has to offer come in all types of sizes, and the only difference between them is getting the one that’s right for you. Measuring carefully is important to give you the best storage experience.

Judging the Volume of Items to be Stored

It isn’t always easy to judge how much material you actually have, especially in a commercial operation. But depending on what you’re storing there are ways to make it easier. For example, if you’re storing products and they are boxed and palleted or crated, you may have information about the cubic feet of those particular materials. Knowing how many crates or pallets you have, how many more you may get, and how they will all fit into the space properly will help you determine the appropriate sized on-site storage container. With this information in hand, you can adjust how much material you order, or adjust the size of your storage container to fit what you need.

What About Miscellaneous Things?

There’s always the chance you don’t have palleted and crated items, or that you have a lot of things that aren’t all uniform in size. If that’s the case, the commercial on site storage containers Chicago companies can offer you may need to be calculated differently.  In those kinds of cases you may want to consider each item as though it were boxed or crated and use that larger cubic foot measurement.  You might also want to focus on how you’re going to stack things in order to maximize the space you have available. By keeping those types of things in mind, you can more easily have enough space in your storage container.

Err on the Side of Caution

No matter what else you do, err on the side of caution when it comes to commercial, on site storage containers. You don’t want to miss the mark by just a few feet and not be able to get everything into the container properly. Instead, it’s better to have a little extra space and the opportunity to put other things in storage if you choose to do so. As long as you aren’t getting a container that’s way too big for your needs, you won’t waste much space or money and will be able to store everything properly and at an affordable price for the length of time you need that kind of storage.