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Lakeshore Recycling Systems Expands Illinois Footprint

As of November 1, LRS now provides waste collection services to nearly 3,000 households in the Village of Glencoe, Ill. in addition to new municipal growth with the City of Blue Island. MoreContinue reading

A Look at Lakeshore Recycling’s Aerobic Digester

Lakeshore Recycling Systems has launched an aerobic digester in Chicago, enabling the facility to take in 15 tons of organic waste a day that is processed into three tons of fertilizer within seven days. If the technology proves out over a three-month pilot, Lakeshore’s plan is to install eight more systems at its other Chicago facilities. MoreContinue reading

Lakeshore Recycling Systems adds aerobic digester

Launched in collaboration with Morton Grove, Illinois-based EcoloCap Solutions, a pioneer in organic waste recycling, the digester will divert organic waste, i.e., food scraps, from landfills, lowering the risk of water pollution and the emission of methane gas and odor into the environment, says the company. MoreContinue reading

Lakeshore Recycling, EcoloCap install aerobic digester for organic waste diversion

Illinois-based Lakeshore Recycling Systems (LRS) is debuting an aerobic digester to process organic waste into a fertilizer byproduct, according to a press release. LRS says it is the first privately-owned company in the U.S. to use an aerobic digester to process organic waste into a fetilizer byproduct. MoreContinue reading

Where Does Chicago’s Recycling Go?

Once Chicagoans fill their blue recycling carts with last week’s beer bottles, milk cartons and other recyclables, a process begins to haul the carts away, sort through and separate the materials collected and, finally, deliver them to companies that make use of the recovered glass, metal, paper and plastic. MoreContinue reading

Lakeshore Recycling Systems Acquires Chicago-area Recycler

LRS has acquired West Chicago-based K. Hoving Companies and says this now makes it the largest private waste company in Illinois. MoreContinue reading

Two Big Deals Could Reshape the Illinois Hauler Market

Two mergers in 24 hours could change the shape of the private solid waste hauling market in Chicago and the surrounding regions. Lakeshore Recycling Systems announced it had acquired K. Hoving Companies, a full-service waste management, recycling and dumpster rental company based in West Chicago. MoreContinue reading

Apart From the Crowd

Lakeshore Recycling Systems, Morton Grove, Illinois, uses technology and innovative thinking to stand out in a competitive marketplace. MoreContinue reading

Merger Creates Major Player in Chicago-area Waste and Recycling Services Industry

Recycling Systems, Inc. and Lakeshore Waste Services conducted business with each other regularly and decided that teaming up would provide a unique service to the waste industry. MoreContinue reading

RFID Still in Early Stages of Adoption by Waste Industry

Radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology systems are being integrated into waste haulers’ and municipalities’ customer relationship management (CRM) and billing system to improve customer service and billing accuracy. MoreContinue reading