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High-tech Garbage Collection Coming to Wheaton

Garbage in Wheaton will be collected and billed with radio frequency identification technology starting Oct. 1. The Wheaton City Council approved a five-year contract with Lakeshore Recycling Systems Monday that will replace the current one-time-use garbage stickers with permanent tags that use RFID technology. MoreContinue reading

Scanning Technology to Debut for Highland Park Trash Collection

Garbage pickup in Highland Park will be more convenient for residents who toss the trash only when they want or need to. That’s because the households on the volume-based program no longer will have to buy stickers for curbside pickup. Instead, the city will become the first community in Lake County to use Radio Frequency Identification to track regular waste disposal. MoreContinue reading

Comerica Bank Fuels Lakeshore Recycling Systems Growth Through Acquisition Funding and Facility and Equipment Upgrades

Comerica Bank’s continuing support of LRS, one of the fastest growing waste and recycling companies in the Midwest, has helped fuel the company’s significant growth and market capitalization in the greater Chicago region. MoreContinue reading

HP Drops Refuse Stickers for Chips

Starting August 1, Highland Park residents who have residential volume-based service with Lakeshore Recycling Systems (LRS) or use stickers to have their curbside waste collected will no longer use waste stickers for regular waste disposal. MoreContinue reading

In the Spotlight: Lakeshore Recycling Systems: An Industry Game-Changer

With rapid expansion in the Chicago area over the past several years, Lakeshore Recycling Systems has grown to be a force to be reckoned with. MoreContinue reading

Waste Hauler Plans Shift to Chip Technology in Highland Park

Highland Park residents who pay for trash collection by volume no longer will need to affix waste stickers to their trash carts. Radio frequency chips implanted in the trash carts will tell the waste hauler where to send the bill. MoreContinue reading

C&D Recycler Clears Fugitive Dust Using Atomized Mist

The City of Chicago, in partnership with LRS, has concentrated on recycling programs involving C&D materials by offering incentives to businesses that reduce service charges in return for keeping materials out of landfills. MoreContinue reading

Lakeshore Recycling Systems Receives $1.5M Closed Loop Fund Investment

As it moves forward with its plan to invest more than $500 million in US recycling projects by 2020, the Closed Loop Fund announced its latest investment: a $1.5 million in Lakeshore Recycling Systems. MoreContinue reading

Chicago MRF Upgrades to Faster, Cleaner System

A Chicago-area MRF leaped forward on its planet-saving goals on Wednesday as it started up a new $8.5-million system that will lift recycling output by 40 times over current production levels. MoreContinue reading

Illinois City to Implement Curbside Organics Recycling Program

Highland Park will become one of the first cities in Illinois to offer curbside recycling of mixed organic waste when it rolls out its opt-in, three-bin system in April 2016. MoreContinue reading