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Join LRS in Supporting Lupus Society of Illinois

Lakeshore Recycling Systems is made up of 720 dedicated employees who not only strive to improve company operations and service, but are active members in the communities we serve. Within … MoreContinue reading

Committed to 100% Customer Satisfaction

Looking halfway through the year, Lakeshore is proud of the new services, employees, customers and systems we have been able to bring in. These past six months have only proved … MoreContinue reading

Quiz: What Recyclable Material Are You?

If you were a recyclable material, what would you be? See what commodity type you are by taking this fun personality quiz!   CLICK HERE for more details on how you … MoreContinue reading

Quiz: Do You Have What it Takes to be an LRS Earth Day Hero?

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LRS Celebrates Earth Day – April 22

Each year on April 22, 180 countries around the world come together to show their support for environmental protection. Since 1970 when the environmental movement started, people across the globe … MoreContinue reading

Something Old, Something New: 10 Surprising Products Made from Recycled Materials

Many of the items you recycle are reused in predictable ways. For example, most aluminum cans and sheets of paper will be used to manufacture more soda containers and paper … MoreContinue reading

7 Bulletproof Ways to Cut Down on Gift Giving Waste Year-Round

Throughout the year you may notice extra bags of garbage going from your home to the garbage can due to holidays, birthdays, graduation parties and other special occasions. Luckily, there … MoreContinue reading

Lakeshore Expands System-wide Service Areas with K. Hoving Companies Acquisition

Lakeshore is very excited to announce the newest addition to our state-of-the-art facilities, West Chicago MRF, which is based on our recent acquisition of K. Hoving Companies. This new Lakeshore … MoreContinue reading

11 Surprising Items You Can Recycle

You try hard to recycle everything you can, but your curbside recycling program only takes certain types of items. What about all the other recyclable items in your house that … MoreContinue reading

Think Before You Trash: 4 Items That Don’t Belong in Your Container

When you clean house, your trash Container seems like the ultimate solution for all your clutter. Old magazines? Toss them. Receipts from three years ago? Throw them in, too. Used hygiene … MoreContinue reading