Committed to 100% Customer Satisfaction


Looking halfway through the year, Lakeshore is proud of the new services, employees, customers and systems we have been able to bring in. These past six months have only proved that we do not expect to slow down in providing our customers with an all-around solution to better waste management. Our commitment to exceptional customer service cannot be measured with numbers, but with the feedback and ideas to improve from our valued community members.

Beginning July 1 through the end of December, we are asking you to help us take our services to the next level by sharing with us your suggestions for company-wide improvement. Your feedback will not only help us provide exceptional service, it will help to create a more sustainable community.

Committed to customer satisfaction, we kindly ask you to follow these three simple steps and you will automatically be entered to win a deluxe Lakeshore thank you basket.

  1. Brainstorm ideas on how we can better service you.
  2. Follow us on any of our social media platforms and share with us your feedback.
  3. Be entered for a chance to win a deluxe Lakeshore thank you basket.


We are confident that with your help, we can achieve 100% customer satisfaction. So help make a difference in your community today by heading to one of our social media channels and give us your feedback!