Service Request for Highland Park Residents


This option is for Highland Park residents only. Carts provided by LRS must be used for service; if you have purchased a non-branded cart in the past, please call the LRS Customer Service Center to be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

For complete information regarding the different service options and applicable rates per option click here.

Beginning March 1, 2016 a $25 container exchange/delivery fee will apply to all residents requiring an additional or different container size.

Please use the below to fill out service and cart size preference if you would like to make changes from your current service option.

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Service Options

Waste Cart Options
 35-Gallon Carts: Volume-Based Services* 35-Gallon Carts: Subscription Services* 65-Gallon Carts: Subscription Services 95-Gallon Carts: Subscription Services (Premium service: additional $5.00 per month) Recycling Collection Only

* Please note that choosing a backdoor service option requires a 35-gallon waste cart; no other size can be accommodated.

Recycling Cart Options

Organic and Landscape Service Options
 35-Gallon Carts: Volume-Based Services* 35-Gallon Carts: Subscription Services*

* LRS will provide a 35-gallon cart for organics/landscape use to use at no charge, on an opt-in basis.

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