Lakeshore Raised Nearly $70,000 for Lupus Society of Illinois

Since early summer, Lakeshore has been raising money for Lupus Society of Illinois and on October 20 we pulled the raffle drawing winners, with 30 amazing prizes available. Together, the Lakeshore team along with vendors, families and friends, raised close to $70,000 for Lupus Society of Illinois. Our six Lakeshore facilities alone raised over $30,000 for this amazing cause.

Lupus is an autoimmune disease that causes the immune system to attack healthy cells. Anyone can be impacted by lupus, but it predominately affects women. About five million people live with lupus worldwide and some celebrities who have the disease include Selena Gomez, Nick Cannon and Toni Braxton. There is currently no cure for lupus and that is why Lupus Society of Illinois and Lakeshore raises money and awareness for the disease.

Alan Handley’s, Lakeshore’s CEO, 14-year-old daughter, Maddie Handley, was diagnosed with lupus two years ago. This year she was named the Chicago Lupus Walk Ambassador by Lupus Society of Illinois for her support to raising awareness for this organization.

Lakeshore wants to thank everyone who participated for their generosity and support of such a prevalent cause. To find out if you’re a winner, watch the video from today’s drawing below.