Letter to LRS From an 11-Year-Old Garbage Expert

As Lakeshore Recycling Systems continues to expand into new markets, we value our relationship with our surrounding communities. As a Midwest waste and recycling leader, we not only work to create a more sustainable environment, but also to remain an active voice in spreading recycling awareness.

Today, we are overjoyed to announce that our efforts did not go unnoticed by one extraordinary 11 year old. Lakeshore started residential waste and recycling service for the City of Wheaton on October 1, and today, we received a letter from a Wheaton resident named Grant who expressed his excitement to see our trucks and friendly drivers.

We were moved by Grant’s letter, not just because of the warm appreciation, but because he has a remarkable passion for waste collection and protecting the environment. At 11 years old, this young environmental leader has already started his own home garbage program called Ollo Garbage Industries. This is just one of the many examples of someone who follows their dreams and truly works to make a difference in this world.

Though we specialize in waste and recycling services, our community is at the very heart of our business. It is part of who we are and what sets us apart. We will continue to work on making a difference, whether spreading recycling awareness, protecting our environment or in this instance, applauding and highlighting an aspiring garbage expert’s talents.

We are awestruck with this moving letter and are extremely proud to service the City of Wheaton, working to make a difference in the community and inspire others to help us make our world a more sustainable place.

[“…I live in Wheaton and your service just went under contract in our town. Before you guys started working in my town, I thought LRS was a small local company based in Chicagoland. What I still had to learn was that LRS was a rapidly growing company with great customer service and the best drivers I’ve ever seen in my 11 years on Earth.”]