LRS has Acquired Area Restroom Solutions, Expanding its Portable Restroom Services by Over 20 Percent

LRS is continually searching for new methods to increase service levels to customers and spread its services geographically. On September 14, LRS announces its most recent expansion with the acquisition of Area Restroom Solutions, a leading Chicagoland portable restroom rental company. With this new addition to the LRS family, LRS has expanded our inventory of portable restrooms by over 20 percent.

Some of the reasons to rent portable restrooms are:

1. Construction and Demolition Sites

When construction and demolition projects take place, there are few restroom options available to those working on the job site. Portable restrooms give easy access to construction and demolition workers to help make sure they are working efficiently.

2. Home pit stopRemodeling Projects

In indoor home remodeling projects the restroom may not be easily accessible so a portable restroom is needed, or it is unavailable for those working on the remodeling project. A portable restroom solves this problem by being located in close proximity to the work being done.

3. Events

Many events, especially events that take place outside, need portable restrooms because there is not an indoor restroom nearby or there will be too many attendees for the restrooms that are available. Portable restrooms can help increase the number of restrooms available at the event or add some restrooms that were not near the event originally.

4. Park Districts

Many park districts do not have indoor restrooms; however, restrooms are needed near parks. Portable restrooms are a great way to ensure that park goers do not have to leave when they have to use the bathroom.

Acquiring Area Restroom Solutions helps LRS expand our geographic footprint as well as continue to give customers the best service possible. LRS remains the second largest portable restroom provider in Illinois and is always looking for new ways to grow and improve. To read more about the acquisition of Area Restroom Solutions, check out our press release.