Spring Cleaning? Drop Off That Recycling, Too

With warmer weather right around the corner there are plenty of people who are already involved with spring cleaning. Whether you’ve started on it or are still making a game plan for what needs to be done, one of the things you may end up with is a lot to get rid of. Don’t just throw it all away. There are plenty of things you can donate, sell, and recycle so you can give back to the community and the planet while still making your home, garage, and yard look great. Dropping off your recycling at one of the multiple locations in the area makes it quick and convenient to keep moving on your cleaning goals.

Lakeshore Recycling Systems offers five convenient drop off locations throughout Chicagoland

You can find a list of locations online, so you can pick the closest one to your home or one that’s convenient for you when you’re donating, shopping, or just out spending the day enjoying the area. Just be sure you know what recycles, so you can sort everything and dispose of it the right way. With so many locations available for drop off, you can be sure to get your Chicago recycling needs met so you can get on with the rest of your spring cleaning plans. As you find more things to recycle, dropping them off at your convenience will stay quick and easy, too.

The Chicago winter has been unusually mild and free of snow, but not every winter offers that opportunity. The warmer weather is a great time to take advantage of cleaning out that garage or shed, or getting things out of the side yard so you can feel better about your house or apartment. Once everything has been cleaned up and recycled, you can relax and enjoy your space, without having to worry about what else might need to be done. Whether you have a couple of small things to recycle or you’ve filled the bed of your pickup truck already, you won’t have to go far to recycle.

It’s good for the planet and for your stress levels to have all that recycling done, and you won’t need to spend your whole day driving around just to drop off all the things you found around your house that can be recycled. From plastic and glass to cardboard and newspapers, things can really pile up when you’re saving them for a rainy day or you just don’t like to waste or throw things out. Part of spring cleaning is getting rid of that clutter, though, and convenient local drop off spots for recycling can help you do just that.