How City Officials Can Choose the Right Waste Management Service Provider

Choosing the right service provider for waste management can seem like a daunting task for an individual. There’s a lot to consider, and price is only a small part of the equation. However, when city officials are looking for a waste management provider for a municipality who they choose can become even more critical. That’s largely because individuals can’t sign up for service on their own and don’t get a choice of providers. If they are unhappy with the company that city officials have chosen there could be some backlash, and officials want to do their best to keep citizens happy.

Chicago Waste Management Services

When it comes to waste management Chicago has options, and as a city official the important thing to do is look at all the aspects of the companies that have to be chosen from. The city’s budget matters, because every penny has to be accounted for. If taxes have to be raised some people in the community may end up struggling or in financial trouble, so keeping taxes low is a good idea. But that doesn’t mean choosing a company that provides sub-standard service, just to get a low price. Balancing the service and the cost to get the best value is part of what being a city official is all about.

Reputation Matters

Reputation matters with any waste management provider in the Chicago area, as does the cost for the service and the level of customer service that is provided. Trial and error is difficult when an entire municipality is involved, so making every effort to get things right the first time can be a very important aspect of handling the issue from a city planning perspective. Choose a company that understands your needs, and that will focus on making sure you have a good experience from the initial sign up through the standard waste collection and any other services the company provides.

By taking price, service, and total value into consideration, city officials who are looking for options for waste management in Chicago can find the company that can provide for their municipality in a way that works for everyone involved. Keeping the city running smoothly is very important, and waste management is a large part of that equation. Especially with the winter weather issues that Chicago can experience, city officials need to be confident that services will still be provided as close to the standard schedule as possible, so citizens can get what they need from their city’s service providers.

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Quiz: What Recyclable Material Are You?

If you were a recyclable material, what would you be? See what commodity type you are by taking this fun personality quiz!


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Quiz: Do You Have What it Takes to be an LRS Earth Day Hero?

Think you have what it takes to be an LRS Earth Day Hero? Test your knowledge with this exciting quiz!

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LRS Celebrates Earth Day – April 22


Each year on April 22, 180 countries around the world come together to show their support for environmental protection. Since 1970 when the environmental movement started, people across the globe have stood up and fought for what they believe in: a cleaner and more sustainable earth.

As the largest privately-held waste and recycling company in Illinois, Lakeshore Recycling Systems upholds the responsibility to be a strong voice and leader in protecting the environment. Our company goals allow us to constantly work towards innovative solutions that divert and reduce waste and continually increase recycling. Our vision is a world with zero waste and we are certain that with innovative recycling processes and community awareness, we can truly make a difference on this earth.

In search of an LRS Earth Day Hero

To kick-off the Earth Day celebration, Lakeshore is in search of an LRS Earth Day Hero. We encourage our community to start a conversation and help us raise awareness by letting us know how you are making a positive impact for Earth Day. Share a photo of your Earth Day impact and we will select a winner to receive an award and be featured in the spring issue of our quarterly newsletter, REgenerate. (Contest details at bottom of the page)

Get involved today

Lakeshore knows that to make a difference on Earth Day, it takes more than just one person defending the environment. To truly make the most out of this day means that everyone must get involved in some way. Lakeshore’s Earth Day goal is to spread environmental awareness throughout our community. Each day up until April 22, we will share an environmental fact through our various social media channels. We encourage you to check for our daily posts along with helping us grow our reach by sharing and commenting on these posts.

Today, we stand with our community fighting for a cleaner and more sustainable place to live. And as the leading Chicagoland waste and recycling company, we will continue to do our part in ensuring that we are leaving a less impactful footprint on this earth.

Quiz time

Think you have what it takes to be an LRS Earth Day Hero? Test your knowledge with this exciting quiz!

If you were a recyclable material, what would you be? See what commodity type you are by taking this fun personality quiz!

Earth Day Hero contest details

Send a picture showing how you are protecting the environment in any way. Pictures are accepted via email at, via mail addressed to Marketing at 6132 Oakton Street, Morton Grove, IL 60063 and via any of our social media platforms, Twitter @LRSrecycles, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+. Pictures are accepted from March 22, 2017 through April 22, 2017. The contest winner will be selected after Earth Day and announced on our social media channels the following Monday. Winner will receive an Earth Day Hero award plaque, recognition on our social media channels, featured in the spring issue of LRS’ corporate newsletter, REgenerate, and more. For any questions, please email


Remodeling Your House? A Roll-off Dumpster May Be for You

Anyone who remodels their house knows that it can be stressful and expensive. It can also come with a lot of hidden fees that aren’t expected or planned for. Among those fees is the cost to dispose of all the things that are being thrown away as they come out of the area being remodeled. You can generally save money if you choose a roll-off dumpster instead of having items hauled to the dump and paying the fees. That’s especially true if you have a lot of large or heavy items that have to be disposed of, and a roll-off dumpster can stay at your location for as long as you need it to be there, making it more convenient for you.

With a roll-off dumpster you can choose the size you need and it will be delivered right to your location. Then you can fill it as you need to and have it picked up on a schedule that’s convenient for you. It’s one of the best ways to get a lot of construction debris or other items out of your house quickly, and using it while remodeling is fast and easy. When you need a dumpster rental Chicago has a lot of choices, and it’s important to select a company that’s going to give you what you really need at a price you can be happy with. Don’t settle for less, since you need to be able to rely on that company to help complete your project.

Whether you’re looking for a dumpster for a day or two of demolition and loading or you need something more long term that you can keep using for a month or more, having a roll-off dumpster is a great way to keep any remodeling project moving forward. Your contractors can all use it, or you can do the work yourself, and not having to pay dump fees all the time can make a big difference in your budget. It can also be difficult to take larger items and big amounts of debris to the dump yourself, and choosing to have a dumpster delivered to your site will let you avoid all of that.

Chicago is a great place to live and work, and remodeling your house there may be a better choice than buying something else. If you’re ready to start your project, getting prices and information for roll-off dumpsters can be an important step. Then you can choose the right size for the job, and consult with your contractors to make sure they will have plenty of dumpster space for everything that comes out of your house and any leftovers that accumulate when you work through a construction project. Roll-off dumpster options can really make things go more smoothly, so you can get your house remodel done.

Contact Lakeshore Recycling Systems today and reserve your dumpster today!

Spring Cleaning? Drop Off That Recycling, Too

With warmer weather right around the corner there are plenty of people who are already involved with spring cleaning. Whether you’ve started on it or are still making a game plan for what needs to be done, one of the things you may end up with is a lot to get rid of. Don’t just throw it all away. There are plenty of things you can donate, sell, and recycle so you can give back to the community and the planet while still making your home, garage, and yard look great. Dropping off your recycling at one of the multiple locations in the area makes it quick and convenient to keep moving on your cleaning goals.

Lakeshore Recycling Systems offers five convenient drop off locations throughout Chicagoland

You can find a list of locations online, so you can pick the closest one to your home or one that’s convenient for you when you’re donating, shopping, or just out spending the day enjoying the area. Just be sure you know what recycles, so you can sort everything and dispose of it the right way. With so many locations available for drop off, you can be sure to get your Chicago recycling needs met so you can get on with the rest of your spring cleaning plans. As you find more things to recycle, dropping them off at your convenience will stay quick and easy, too.

The Chicago winter has been unusually mild and free of snow, but not every winter offers that opportunity. The warmer weather is a great time to take advantage of cleaning out that garage or shed, or getting things out of the side yard so you can feel better about your house or apartment. Once everything has been cleaned up and recycled, you can relax and enjoy your space, without having to worry about what else might need to be done. Whether you have a couple of small things to recycle or you’ve filled the bed of your pickup truck already, you won’t have to go far to recycle.

It’s good for the planet and for your stress levels to have all that recycling done, and you won’t need to spend your whole day driving around just to drop off all the things you found around your house that can be recycled. From plastic and glass to cardboard and newspapers, things can really pile up when you’re saving them for a rainy day or you just don’t like to waste or throw things out. Part of spring cleaning is getting rid of that clutter, though, and convenient local drop off spots for recycling can help you do just that.

Use Portable Bathrooms for Your Next Construction Project

When you’re doing a construction project that involves the bathroom, kitchen, or laundry room, it’s very possible that the water will need to be off for an extended period of time. That’s true whether you’re remodeling something, building an addition, or even just making upgrades and repairs. Of course, it also applies to new construction when the water won’t even be turned on until a lot more of the work has been done and people are ready to move in. During that time people will need to be on site to complete work, and the homeowners may also need to stay there instead of spending time in a hotel or with family.

Fortunately, there are options to help ensure that any homeowners or business owners, along with construction workers, have access to the facilities they need. A portable bathroom can be the right choice for nearly any type of construction project, because it gives everyone access to what they need while making sure that the work can get done in a timely manner and without interruption or too much inconvenience. When it comes to portable restrooms Chicago has a number of options, but you want to choose a company you know and can trust to deliver what you need.

While many people are nervous about the quality and cleanliness of portable restrooms, when you work with a good quality company those will not be issues. Portable bathrooms can be kept very clean, and are high quality so they will last for a long time. Whether your construction project needs a portable restroom for a day, a week, a month, or even longer, you can get a restroom that is comfortable to use and that is properly cleaned and sanitized so that everyone who needs it can use it without concern.

Before choosing a company to provide you with a portable restroom, be sure to ask plenty of questions. Price matters, but it’s not the most important aspect of getting what you need. You also want to know how often the restroom is cleaned or switched out for another one, and what happens if it stops functioning correctly. The more questions you ask about what you’re actually receiving for facilities at your construction project, the more easily you can make a good decision that homeowners, business owners, and construction workers will be happy with for the duration of the project.

Lakeshore Recycling Systems has a variety of portable restrooms to fit any need.  Contact us today to learn more.

Something Old, Something New: 10 Surprising Products Made from Recycled Materials

Many of the items you recycle are reused in predictable ways. For example, most aluminum cans and sheets of paper will be used to manufacture more soda containers and paper products. But if you don’t work in the recycling industry, it may surprise you to learn how many other recyclables are used.

In this blog post, we list 10 surprising products that can be manufactured entirely or partially out of items in your recycling container- a supporting post to our past article, 11 surprising items you can recycle.


1. Asphalt

While you may think of asphalt as a single substance, modern asphalt actually contains several different materials to create the right surface for roads, parking lots and driveways.

The asphalt you drive on in your daily life may contain rubber from tires and reused asphalt from roof shingles. The paint and reflectors used to help you navigate these roads may also contain recycled materials, like glass.

2. Bricks

Like asphalt, you may think of bricks in their finished form rather than as a combination of several materials. Bricks manufactured today may contain cullets, or finely ground glass pieces, created from discarded bottles, dishes and other glass items.

3. Cat Litter

Some of the best quality cat litter currently on the market contains old newspapers and other recycled paper products. Because of its recycled content, this sustainable alternative to clay-based litter produces less dust and is more economical to produce.

4. Clothing

Many clothing manufacturers have begun to include recycled materials in their products, specifically plastic fibers from discarded bottles. Plastic fibers are used in a variety of fabrics including nylon, polyester outerwear lining and spandex.

This recycled plastic is most commonly found in athletic wear, like sports jerseys. However, thin plastic fibers can also be found in some of the softest synthetic clothing on the market, which is normally made using polyester.

5. Faux Wood

Faux-wood construction materials give many projects a desirable natural look without the expense or environmental impact of real wood. For example, engineered decking materials can look like real lumber but consist primarily of plastic. Grocery bags, plastic wrap and similar thin plastics are often used for this type of recycling.

6. Playgrounds

Many older playgrounds feature items manufactured with new materials and have a high cost and environmental impact. Today’s playgrounds may feature flexible ground covering made from shredded tires as well as eco-friendly slides, swings and other plastic  components made from recycled milk jugs.

7. Shopping Carts

Plastic shopping carts are more lightweight and often easier to control than conventional metal carts. To make these newer carts an even better alternative to metal shopping carts, manufacturers use mostly recycled plastics to create the cart components.

8. Sporting Equipment

When you participate in your favorite pastime, you may also be supporting sustainable manufacturing. Many types of sports balls, including tennis and golf balls, include recycled rubber or plastic. Additionally, aluminum baseball bats may contain push pins, license plates and other reused metal items.

9. Toothbrushes

While you may balk at the thought of a reused toothbrush, brush handles made from discarded yogurt cups and other plastics are cheaper to manufacture and are perfectly sanitary. Currently, all toothbrush bristles are made from new materials, but in the future they may contain hygienically reused items as well.

10. Trophies

Manufacturers don’t just use recycled materials to enable you to play sports, they also recycle items to help you celebrate your sporting victories. Plaques and trophies may include a variety of recycled materials, from old paper to ground glass.

Every recycled item goes toward making manufacturing and construction industries more sustainable. Make recycling a priority in your home and at your business to contribute to preservation of both the local and global environment.

7 Bulletproof Ways to Cut Down on Gift Giving Waste Year-Round

Throughout the year you may notice extra bags of garbage going from your home to the garbage can due to holidays, birthdays, graduation parties and other special occasions. Luckily, there are ways to prevent these annual celebrations from being garbage generators. You just need the right strategies and some easy-to-implement ideas to help you reduce year-round waste. To get you started, we’ve compiled seven bulletproof ways to cut down on gift giving waste immediately.


1. Invest in Reusable Containers

No matter how well you plan, there always seem to be leftovers at a dinner gathering. While it can be tempting to bag up these extra morsels with disposable freezer bags or inexpensive plastic containers, these options aren’t just bad for the environment, but also can’t be reused. Once you eat the leftovers, many of those containers end up in the trash, and plastic takes more than a thousand years to decompose in landfills.

To avoid this practically forever decomposition, set yourself up for success before the holidays by investing in reusable containers for leftovers. Glass dishes with lids or even sturdy Tupperware containers work well. Although the latter is made of plastic, it lasts for years and can ultimately result in less plastic going to waste.

2. Skip the Wrapping Paper

If you want to avoid throwing away bags and bags of wrapping paper, upcycle your recyclables by looking for alternative wrapping solutions. There are festive canvas bags you can use year after year, or you can recycle existing paper such as newspaper or office printouts. Add a bit of paint if you want to create a unique occasion or appropriate theme.

3. Go Digital

Instead of adding more paper and additional waste to the already waste consuming world, turn to digital alternatives. For example, rather than printing a card, send a thoughtful email. Similarly, instead of buying video games with a disc and a clunky plastic case, opt for digital downloads. Virtual gifts and greetings are a great way to send a special message to the people you love without generating waste.

4. Invest in Durable Gifts

Many kid toys are destined for the landfill from the moment the child opens the box. To minimize this type of waste, consider finding high quality wooded toys instead of plastic toys that are easily breakable. Similarly, when shopping for adults try to prioritize durability over convenience.

5. Buy Recyclable Batteries

Batteries compose a shocking 20 percent of all the household hazardous waste in landfills. Batteries are one of the many items that don’t belong in the container and can be especially dangerous due to the potential to leak battery acids into the earth. Luckily, you can minimize this threat with a multi-pronged approach. When possible, try to avoid giving gifts that have batteries. If that is not possible, opt for items with rechargeable batteries. Finally, consider buying a battery recharger so that you can recharge batteries and use them multiple times.

6. Recycle Holiday and Party Decorations

Of course, batteries aren’t the only thing you can recycle. After the holiday season, consider recycling holiday decorations as well as other remnants of the celebration. In particular, you can recycle holiday lights, Christmas trees, wrapping paper, banners and even wine corks.

7. Donate When Purging

After a holiday or special occasion, many people like to clean out their house and purge unwanted possessions to make room for new gifts. If this is a tradition in your home, make sure you don’t just throw away the items you no longer want. There is a lot of truth to the statement, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure,” and that old lamp, ridiculous T-shirt or neon sign may be exactly what someone else is craving.

Rather than filling up garbage bags of junk and tossing them in your garbage can, set things in good condition aside to donate. You may be surprised of items you can actually recycle, and there are also charities and thrift shops willing to take old items. In some cases, you can even arrange a pick up, and if there are no charity shops in your area, you may be able to throw your unwanted items into a box and mail them to a charity.

For more ideas on how to cut down on waste, give us a call at 773.685.8811 and you will speak with one of our friendly and knowledgable Customer Service Representatives.

Lakeshore Expands System-wide Service Areas with K. Hoving Companies Acquisition

Lakeshore is very excited to announce the newest addition to our state-of-the-art facilities, West Chicago MRF, which is based on our recent acquisition of K. Hoving Companies. This new Lakeshore Material Recovery Facility, is a full-service MRF for waste, recycling and C&D material. Having built a strong reputation in DuPage County and throughout greater Chicagoland, K. Hoving is the only recycling facility in Chicago that is nationally certified by the Recycling Certification Institute. Lakeshore now operates seven MRFs throughout the Midwest, increasing annual revenues to nearly $170 million and workforce to over 720 full-time employees.

West Chicago MRF

The West Chicago Impact

Together, Lakeshore and K. Hoving are bigger, stronger and better positioned to provide innovative solutions that improve the quality of our customers’ experience. From a deep-rooted mission statement to lead the market in providing innovative and environmentally responsible waste and recycling solutions, we are committed to environmental excellence and customer satisfaction. Our commitment goes beyond waste collection, from the state-of-the-art facilities throughout Chicagoland to the unique services offered to both homeowners and business alike.

K Hoving’s business model complements the Lakeshore brand as it does not own a landfill and developed an environmentally friendly recycling and waste diversion process. K. Hoving is a company of service and reliability, greatly valuing the best interest of both the customers and the environment. These favorable traits will propel Lakeshore forward as we expand and strengthen service and facility operations.

System-wide Service Area Expansion

As a result of the acquisition, Lakeshore’s system-wide services have expanded to include portable restrooms, street sweeping, on-site storage and mulch as part of a new Temporary Services Division. West Chicago is also structured to strengthen Lakeshore’s reliable roll-off container service. We are excited to continue these services as we promise to deliver exceptional customer service in all facets of our business.

Portable Toilets
As the second largest portable toilet business in Illinois, Lakeshore provides sanitary restrooms for any occasion, from large events, to weddings, to construction job sites. We offer a variety of portable restroom options such as Standard Units, ADA Compliant Units, Deluxe Units and Executive Model Units.

Street Sweeping
Lakeshore offers complete street sweeping services that prevent the spread of dangerous contaminants into sewer systems and local bodies of water to clean up any city or job site, large or small. Equipped with blowing machines and vacuums, Lakeshore’s sweeper trucks will safely remove any contaminant including the hard-to-reach areas.

Storage On-site
Lakeshore’s on-site storage offers our customers a safe and secure way to store tools, equipment, overstock and general storage needs on-site. Our storage containers are made of thick steel and have large locking double doors for maximum security.

Lakeshore takes the wood we recycle to reuse it as an eco-friendly mulch product. Every piece of our mulch is made from 100% recycled wood that were previously materials from buildings and fences. We offer an array of mulch options such as Premium Red Mulch, Premium Brown Much, Double Ground Natural Much and Economy Brown Mulch.

Roll-off Containers
Controlling nearly 20% of the roll-off market, Lakeshore offers a full range of containers with dedicated 24-hour service. Our extensive, nearly 20 year roll-off and commercial waste experience will only be enhanced with the addition of West Chicago.

Our company is extremely proud of the way we come together in the community to strengthen operations and protect the environment. The addition of West Chicago MRF is just another step in the right direction to enhance recycling and waste diversion not just across Chicagoland, but throughout the Midwest. We proudly welcome all K. Hoving Companies’ customers, 100 employees and community to our Lakeshore family.

Click HERE for more West Chicago facility information.