Spring is Here, and It’s Time for Landscape Mulch

With the arrival of springtime, people are thinking about flowers, flower beds and other landscaping projects. Before you start planting beautiful colors in your yard, though, you’ll want to check into landscape mulch. That way you can protect a great looking flower bed or other landscaping if there’s a cold snap that can sometimes happen in early or even mid-spring. Landscape mulch looks nice and smells good, and it holds the soil in place so you don’t get runoff into your yard, driveway, or other locations. Overall, it’s a great choice for getting your yard in shape to enjoy.

Buying Your Landscape Mulch in Bulk

If you only need a tiny bit of mulch it’s easier to just get a couple of bags at the store, but most people need more than that. It’s not just residents, either. There are city properties and commercial properties that also need mulch for their spring landscaping. If you need landscape mulch Chicago has plenty of choices for your home or business, but you want to make sure you’re getting the best rate. Buying in bulk is one of the ways to do that, because it usually costs less to purchase a large quantity of mulch all at once than it would to buy smaller amounts separately. It can be a great deal on a nice-looking yard.

Getting Mulch Delivered to Your Location

One of the big benefits of getting mulch delivered is that you can have it placed in a location that really works for you. That can make your landscaping easier and faster, so you’re able to get it done and get on with just enjoying the day and everything it has to offer. Spring is a great time of year, and when you have mulch to work with you can be out in the sunshine enjoying things much faster, both while you’re working and after you’re done. You also don’t need to go and pick up your mulch, so you can get started on your project earlier and have it looking great in no time.

Why Choose a Company to Help You?

Getting the right company to help you matters, and when you need landscape mulch Chicago gives you choices. Be sure to make the right choice, though, so you can get a good deal on the mulch you select and have it last for a long time. Then you can appreciate all that the spring and summer has to offer, and your flower beds or other plants will be protected from cold snaps, rainy spells, and dry times when rain may be scarce. Mulch is an excellent protective blanket, and putting down new mulch in the springtime just sets you up for an excellent year of growing beautiful things.

Waste Management to Meet Chicago’s Needs

Chicago is a bustling city, teeming with life and possibilities. It can be an amazing place to live, visit and explore. But all those people, stores, factories, and other things mean that there is a lot of waste being produced. That waste has to go somewhere, and the management of it must be in capable hands or Chicago could end up with a real problem. Fortunately, when looking for waste management services Chicago has options that work well and provide the citizens and businesses with what they need. The right waste management company helps them with the quality services and fair pricing they require.

Choose a Waste Management Company You Can Trust

Being able to choose your waste management company gives you the opportunity to select one you trust and feel good about. While not everyone spends a lot of time thinking about waste management, it can be very important to locate a company that will offer everything necessary to keep waste in the city contained and picked up properly. If you select a company with a good reputation for this, you’ll have fewer problems to work through later and you’ll get a higher level of service for the rates you’re being asked to pay. A thoughtful approach will help you manage your time and budget better and lead to greater satisfaction with this important decision.

Be Sure to Check the Rates

Make sure you ask your waste management company in Chicago about the rates you’ll need to pay. Waste management companies have different tiers and prices based on the size of the collection containers, how often they are picked up and other factors. With that in mind, you want to be sure you’re getting what you pay for, and that the collection containers are the right size for your needs and the price you want to pay. That can help you get everything you need at a fair price. Not all companies charge the same, but remember that price isn’t everything. It’s value you want, and that’s a combination of price, quality, and service.

What if You Aren’t Getting Good Service?

If the company you’ve chosen for waste management isn’t giving you good service, then it’s time to make some changes. Whether you need to talk with them or go to with a different provider depends on the severity of the issue and what you feel would be best for your particular situation. There are plenty of choices and only you can decide what’s right, but getting good service from your trash collection company is so important. This is not something to neglect addressing if the service you’re receiving doesn’t match your expectations and contract terms.  Call Lakeshore Recycling Systems today if you would like a free evaluation and consultation regarding our services.

Debunking Common Myths Associated with Portable Restrooms

Portable restrooms, or porta potties as they’re often called, don’t exactly get the rosiest rap – a perception which often leads to misconception. While it’s true that doing your business in a portable bathroom might not match the comfort and luxury of a five-star luxury hotel, it’s far from the miserable experience that most make it out to be. Noting this, we decided to take a look at some of the common myths and misconceptions associated with porta potties.

Debunking Popular Portable Bathroom Myths

  • They’re only for big events: Let’s get this one out of the way now. While porta potties are perhaps most synonymous at tailgates, festivals and outdoor concerts, they also serve other purposes. For instance, construction sites often rent them, as do businesses or corporate campuses for outdoor spaces or for temporary use when undergoing building construction or renovation. Yes, porta potties have a much broader use beyond where we’ve all seen them before.
  • Porta potties are unkempt: While it’s true that you may find a dirty porta potty, it’s important to think about why it’s unkempt. Often, it’s a product of poor maintenance on behalf of the users. Porta potties are delivered clean and with empty waste tanks, but just like a normal bathroom, can become dirty over time. A dirty porta potty is a reflection of who is using it – and failing to care for it – more so than the company that is renting it.
  • Porta potties are unsanitary: This is another misconception, as almost every porta potty these days is equipped with a hand sanitizer station. Most companies even offer separate hand washing stations for rental. Bottom line – it’s entirely possible to use a porta potty and stay clean and safe.
  • I only need one: The number of porta potties that are rented should always be based on the total number of people that could potentially be using them. For instance, if your office is remodeling and 100 people will likely need to use the portable restroom, we’d recommend renting at least four units based on a 10-hour workday. You don’t want to get into a situation where you underestimate the amount of units you’ll need.
  • Porta potties smell: In most situations, this isn’t a myth. After all, porta potties are essentially just a toilet seat over a waste tank. What is a myth, however, is that there’s nothing you can do about this. On that note, it’s important to clarify that the traditional porta potty isn’t the only one that’s offered by most companies. There are larger, more luxurious portable restrooms, trailers and others that are ideal for classier events or occasions. These units work to better mask the smell by incorporating flushing toilets and deviating where the waste tank is stored in the overall design.


For more debunking on some of the most common myths about porta potties, or to inquire about renting portable restrooms in Chicago for your next corporate function or situation, contact Lakeshore Recycling Systems today.

Calculating the Right Size for a Commercial, On-Site Storage Container

When you have a commercial project in the works and you need an on-site storage container, you want to make sure you get one that’s the right size. Too small, and you can’t store everything you need. Too large, and you end up paying more than you need for the storage needs you have. Neither one of those is a good choice, of course, so it’s vital that you find the right size container. The best commercial on site storage containers Chicago has to offer come in all types of sizes, and the only difference between them is getting the one that’s right for you. Measuring carefully is important to give you the best storage experience.

Judging the Volume of Items to be Stored

It isn’t always easy to judge how much material you actually have, especially in a commercial operation. But depending on what you’re storing there are ways to make it easier. For example, if you’re storing products and they are boxed and palleted or crated, you may have information about the cubic feet of those particular materials. Knowing how many crates or pallets you have, how many more you may get, and how they will all fit into the space properly will help you determine the appropriate sized on-site storage container. With this information in hand, you can adjust how much material you order, or adjust the size of your storage container to fit what you need.

What About Miscellaneous Things?

There’s always the chance you don’t have palleted and crated items, or that you have a lot of things that aren’t all uniform in size. If that’s the case, the commercial on site storage containers Chicago companies can offer you may need to be calculated differently.  In those kinds of cases you may want to consider each item as though it were boxed or crated and use that larger cubic foot measurement.  You might also want to focus on how you’re going to stack things in order to maximize the space you have available. By keeping those types of things in mind, you can more easily have enough space in your storage container.

Err on the Side of Caution

No matter what else you do, err on the side of caution when it comes to commercial, on site storage containers. You don’t want to miss the mark by just a few feet and not be able to get everything into the container properly. Instead, it’s better to have a little extra space and the opportunity to put other things in storage if you choose to do so. As long as you aren’t getting a container that’s way too big for your needs, you won’t waste much space or money and will be able to store everything properly and at an affordable price for the length of time you need that kind of storage.

On-Site Storage vs. Off Site Storage: Pros & Cons

There are a variety of reasons as to why a business might require storage space. Perhaps there’s an office renovation or addition underway and equipment and supplies need to be stored somewhere they don’t risk being damaged. Or it could be the case of a construction contractor just not wanting to truck his tools to and from the work site every day. No matter the reason, there are storage solutions to choose from – and most people have to weigh between renting a portable unit or a self-storage one at an area facility. To help you choose which one is best for your situation, we’ve taken a look at some of the pros and cons of each.


One big benefit of portable storage units is that the container is delivered to your site. There’s no transporting items or equipment to and from a storage facility, so there’s no time wasted commuting whenever an item is required. With a portable unit, when you need something you just have to walk to the container and get it.


While you’re likely to save money by storing items at a storage facility, one thing that you have to account for when making a storage decision is the cost of downtime. For instance, it’s highly likely that you’ll spend time commuting back and forth to the storage facility to retrieve items – and this is time that could otherwise be spent working. That said, make sure you’re considering the total cost when it comes to a storage solution, and certainly convenience, downtime and efficiency plays into this. For instance, a contractor who spends several hours a day driving back and forth for tools is likely to fall behind schedule and behind budget when it comes to finishing the overall job. Is the cost savings really worth it?


There’s a misconception that on-site storage options are not as safe. While it’s true that they might not include video security and private access that storage facilities offer, mobile storage solutions are still very safe and secure options. At Lakeshore Recycling Systems, our on-site solutions all feature locking double doors to keep items safe. What’s more is our units are constructed from solid steel – not materials that can be easily manipulated.


Lighting is often included in a rental unit at a storage facility. And while this is one advantage that storage facilities have over mobile units, the separation gap isn’t as significant as you might think. That’s because mobile storage solutions these days are painted white on the inside, making for an overall brighter appearance when people go looking for equipment and supplies. Thanks to this, there’s less of a dependency on natural daylight and less of a need to grab a flashlight every time you need something.

At Lakeshore Recycling Systems, we take pride in our Chicago on-site storage offerings. Contact us today to learn more about how mobile storage containers could be an ideal fit for your business needs.

The Right Company Can Handle Your Chicago Metro Street Sweeping Needs

If you’re looking for a company that offers a street sweeper vacuum, Chicago has options. But you don’t want to choose just any company. They aren’t all going to give you the services you need for the right price and adequately handle your street sweeping needs. All big cities and many smaller ones use street sweepers to keep things neat and tidy.  When the city chooses a company it relies on that company to make sure everything is taken care of and the streets are kept clean and clear on the agreed-upon schedule.  Executed properly, a reliable street sweeping service increases the quality of life for residents in a community.

What to Look for in a Street Sweeper

Every street sweeper company is going to offer basically the same services, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t differences to be considered. For example, look for:

  • A company that has been in business for some time and is already established in the field
  • A company that is growing, developing and staying in front of trends and technology changes
  • A good price that is affordable for the city and its citizens to ensure budgets are met
  • A service contract that is understandable, clear, and direct, so there are no misunderstandings
  • Reliability, in order to make sure the streets are kept clean, neat and tidy like they’re supposed to be on a regular schedule

Asking the Right Questions

Don’t assume that every street sweeping company is the same, or that there aren’t questions to be asked. Even if things seem very straightforward you still want to know who to contact if there are problems, along with what type of remediation you can expect if issues do arise. It’s not a good business practice to assume there will never be problems and you definitely want a company that handles customer issues the right way, the first time they come up. By asking plenty of questions about the services and all the factors surrounding them, you can make sure you get the best company for the job.

Make Sure the Service is Satisfactory

Checking up on the best street sweeper vacuum Chicago has to offer after you’ve chosen it is also important. You can generally tell if things are getting done when citizens are happy with their clean streets, but you also want to spend some time investigating for yourself. All the routes should be swept properly, and it should be done on the schedule that was discussed. If you find that things aren’t being handled the way they were supposed to be, it may be time to take action and address that issue quickly, before it has the chance to become a bigger problem.

FAQs about Dumpster Rentals

On the surface, something like dumpster rental seems so mundane that you’d think it’s as easy as calling a company, having a dumpster delivered and then having said company haul the dumpster away after it’s been used. But like anything else, once you dig a little deeper and learn more of the details on dumpster rentals, you’re likely to have some questions. At Lakeshore Recycling Systems, we specialize in recycling and dumpster roll-off service, and as you might imagine from reading this post so far, we get a lot of questions about what we do and how it’s done. That said, we’ve put together this FAQ guide to help you out:

Q: What types of roll-off dumpsters are offered?

We offer roll-off containers of all different shapes and sizes. Our commercial rear-load containers vary from one to 10 yards in space, while we also offer larger, 11-50 yard dumpsters as well. Additionally, we offer stationary compactors of various sizes.

Q: How do I know what type of roll-off dumpster I need?

It all depends on the project. If it’s a large project, a roll-off container is likely to be the way to go. They’re usually ideal in construction environments, for disposing of things like brick, concrete and dirt. On the contrary, small projects typically only need rear-load containers. These types of containers are best for standard waste removal as well as cardboard recycling. Contact us today for further input on exactly what type of dumpster best fits your situation.

Q: Is there a right or wrong way to load a roll-off dumpster?

Generally, we recommend that you try to load the dumpster as evenly as possible and to not overload the dumpster. This makes for an easier dumpster removal process, as there’s less of a risk of items falling out of it.

Q: Do I need a permit to rent a roll-off dumpster?

Possibly. If the dumpster is going to be dropped off on a public road or street, or on public property, then the answer is “yes.” However, in the situation where the dumpster will be dropped off on private property, then the answer is likely “no.”

Q: How much will roll-off dumpster rental cost?

That’s a tough question to answer due to a variety of factors. For instance, how big of a dumpster do you need? How long will you need it? Will it need to be swapped out at all? We recommend contacting us to get a price quote for your dumpster rental.

Q: Are there things that I can’t put in a roll-off dumpster?

Yes, usually anything flammable or hazardous waste needs to be discarded of separately and more responsibly. Contact us for more information on what can and cannot be discarded of.

Q: How do I get a roll-off dumpster?

Call us today or log onto our website. You can also log onto website and request a dumpster swap.

For more information and answers to your FAQs on roll-off dumpster Chicago rental, contact us today.

Top 5 Benefits of Mulch

When the ground thaws and the sun consistently returns, it’s somewhat of a rite of passage in the Midwest for home and business owners to get outside and spruce up their yards and/or landscaping. And one of the most efficient and cost-effective ways this can be accomplished is by laying down some fresh new mulch in flower beds, around trees and other areas of the property that are designated landscaping areas. But mulch doesn’t just help a yard look great – it also offers a variety of benefits that you might not be aware of. Here’s a look at five of these key benefits:

Top 5 Benefits of Mulch

  1. It Helps Control Weeds: When it comes to garden chores, there may be none worse than regular weeding. But in order to keep garden areas and landscaping looking nice, it’s something that has to be done. Mulch can help inhibit weed growth. How? Because it acts as a barrier between the soil and the sun. And without adequate sunlight, weeds can’t grow.
  2. It Helps the Ground Retain Moisture: Water is key to ensuring that plants like trees, bushes and flowers flourish. But regular watering can put a strain on your utilities bill in the spring, summer and fall months when outdoor watering is more prominent. We’re not going to tell you that mulch is going to provide a huge savings for your water bill, but we will tell you that one characteristic of mulch is that it helps retain water and moisture, which thereby means you’ll likely water less without impacting the quality of the plants.
  3. It Helps Prevent Soil Erosion: Because mulch acts as a barrier between the soil, it can also help absorb the impact that rain water has when it falls from the sky. This, in turn, helps prevent soil erosion. Think of it this way: Mulch is kind of like a packaging material, only instead of protecting a product or item from breakage, it protects the soil from erosion.
  4. It’s Sustainable: Not all mulch is sustainable, but at Lakeshore Recycling Systems, ours is. That’s because all of the mulch that we supply is made from recycled wood products that would otherwise have been discarded and destined for a landfill. Our mulch is truly a win-win proposition – it helps make your yard or property look great and doesn’t have any sort of negative impact on the environment. We call our mulch “Go Green Mulch.”
  5. It Keeps Out Pests and Invites In Worms: Certain types of mulch can actually prevent pests from setting up shop in your landscaping. What’s more is while bad pests and insects can be better prevented, mulch also encourages residency of helpful insects – worms. Worms help to enhance the soil structure and are a tell-tale sign of healthy soil.


Who knew mulch could be so helpful, beyond just looking good? For more information on the benefits of mulch, and to learn more about Lakeshore Recycling Systems Inc recycled mulch Chicago product, contact us today.

How City Officials Can Choose the Right Waste Management Service Provider

Choosing the right service provider for waste management can seem like a daunting task for an individual. There’s a lot to consider, and price is only a small part of the equation. However, when city officials are looking for a waste management provider for a municipality who they choose can become even more critical. That’s largely because individuals can’t sign up for service on their own and don’t get a choice of providers. If they are unhappy with the company that city officials have chosen there could be some backlash, and officials want to do their best to keep citizens happy.

Chicago Waste Management Services

When it comes to waste management Chicago has options, and as a city official the important thing to do is look at all the aspects of the companies that have to be chosen from. The city’s budget matters, because every penny has to be accounted for. If taxes have to be raised some people in the community may end up struggling or in financial trouble, so keeping taxes low is a good idea. But that doesn’t mean choosing a company that provides sub-standard service, just to get a low price. Balancing the service and the cost to get the best value is part of what being a city official is all about.

Reputation Matters

Reputation matters with any waste management provider in the Chicago area, as does the cost for the service and the level of customer service that is provided. Trial and error is difficult when an entire municipality is involved, so making every effort to get things right the first time can be a very important aspect of handling the issue from a city planning perspective. Choose a company that understands your needs, and that will focus on making sure you have a good experience from the initial sign up through the standard waste collection and any other services the company provides.

By taking price, service, and total value into consideration, city officials who are looking for options for waste management in Chicago can find the company that can provide for their municipality in a way that works for everyone involved. Keeping the city running smoothly is very important, and waste management is a large part of that equation. Especially with the winter weather issues that Chicago can experience, city officials need to be confident that services will still be provided as close to the standard schedule as possible, so citizens can get what they need from their city’s service providers.

Contact Lakeshore Recycling Systems today to learn about the municipalities we currently serve and how we can meet your city’s needs.

Quiz: What Recyclable Material Are You?

If you were a recyclable material, what would you be? See what commodity type you are by taking this fun personality quiz!


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