10 Event Management Tips For a Successful Outdoor Festival

10 Event Management Tips For a Successful Outdoor Festival

The warmer weather means festival season will soon be kicking into high gear. The most memorable and successful festivals flow smoothly and tend to have some common elements. From adequate power to portable bathroom rental, certain considerations are key to success. Address these 10 management areas when planning an outdoor event:

1. Permitting and Ordinance Compliance

Check the rules and laws for your event location and garner all required permits to host the event. Learn about the safety requirements, fire codes and any other restrictions so that you can ensure your event is organized in full compliance.

2. Safety

The safety of your performers, vendors and attendees should be paramount to your organization of the festival. Plan and arrange the layout of the event with guest safety in mind. Arrange to have basic first aid and medical attention on site.

3. Security

Hire adequate security staff to help prevent and take care of any incidents that might arise. Ensure adequate communication for all event staff by providing two-way devices.

4. Ticketing and Entrance

Selling tickets is the number one consideration for high attendance at your festival, so plan carefully. A reduced advanced ticket price can boost sales well before the event. Decide if you will use wrist bands, hand stamps or a paper ticket system at the gate.

5. Marketing

Successful advertising and marketing is crucial for raising awareness about your event. Make use of traditional marketing as well as online opportunities like PPC and banner ads on relevant websites. Set up social media accounts for your event to generate buzz. Advertise in the local press as well.

6. Power, Lighting and Water

Be sure that your food vendors, musicians, DJs and other components all have adequate electricity and water supply to meet their needs. Arrange for a backup generator or power system in the event that there is an issue with your main setup.

7. Technical Matters

If the festival will have live music, hire a professional music production company to take care of all the details. Concerts require stages, sound systems, lighting and other key elements, and it’s best to outsource to a company with considerable experience in these areas.

8. Logistics

Plan for the ideal way for staff and vendors to load in and out of the event space. Be sure to schedule accordingly in terms of location, parking and volume so that all elements of the event can be set up and taken down smoothly.

9. Sanitation

Having adequate restroom facilities is essential to the comfort of your vendors and attendees. Partner with a Chicago company that offers portable bathroom rental who you can trust to ensure your sanitation needs are met professionally. Dumpster service and waste removal will also be required for cleanup during and after the event.

10. Weather Considerations

In an ideal world, outdoor festivals would always enjoy amazing weather. However, realistically, event planners should have plans in place in the event of rain or inclement weather. Having a few large tents for festival goers will offer protection from both the rain and intense sun. An air-conditioned pavilion is a nice addition if it’s within the budget.

From waste removal and portable bathroom rentals to ticketing and marketing considerations, successful outdoor events all have some common elements. Use this guide to ensure your outdoor festival is an enjoyable experience for all who attend.

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