2018 Recycling Trends and Predictions

2018 Recycling Trends and Predictions

At Lakeshore Recycling Systems, we’re always trying to stay at the forefront of recycling trends. Each new year brings new trends, new ways to solve recycling problems and new ways to tackle existing issues. From new technology to changes in how cities are run, here’s a look at some of our predictions for how recycling will look this year.

A Bigger Focus on Technology

New technology is going to become a much larger part of the waste and recycling industry in Chicago and elsewhere. Robotics technology continues to evolve, as does machine learning. This could make it easier to sort through different types of recyclables quickly and efficiently. Work will also continue on the development of self-driving refuse trucks, but widespread use of them is most likely some ways off.

Smart Cities

Along those same lines, the rise of “smart cities” could also make recycling more efficient. By leveraging technology, such as advanced sensors, cities can collect data that improves their recycling processes over time. Soon, they could be able to map more efficient routes for recycling trucks. They could use collected data to figure out where to place more recycling bins. The rise of new technology and smarter cities could have far-reaching effects on the waste and recycling sector.

Advances In Tackling Food Waste

One of the biggest challenges facing the waste and recycling industry right now is food waste. So much food is thrown away each year, taking up space in landfills and costing consumers money. A number of new initiatives could help tackle this problem in 2018. Widespread adoption of new, clearer food labels could be a priority for a number of food and beverage companies. A new consumer education program could also help reduce food waste.

More Plastic Bag Bans

More cities and towns could move forward with their own plastic bag bans in response to their successful adoption elsewhere. These bans are dedicated to reducing litter and the amount of garbage in landfills. More options for recycling these bags could also come into vogue this year.

More Efforts to Make Recycling Easier

In 2018, there will probably be more efforts to make it easier to sort recyclable materials and ensure that they all end up in the right place. This could especially be a trend for multi-family and apartment buildings. In some places, a recycling method that works for single-family homes may not work as well for multi-family buildings. Expect to see some cities and municipalities find new ways to help renters or owners of apartments sort their recyclables and keep them out of landfills.

A Focus on Packaging

As the e-commerce boom continues and more consumers buy many of the things they need online, it’s caused some issues for the recycling industry. Frankly, online shopping can create a lot of waste due to excess packaging. In 2018 and the coming years, expect to see more manufacturers approach their packaging in different ways. Sometimes they’ll even partner with experts in the recycling industry to figure out the best approach.

While trends are fascinating and interesting to follow, there are also some basic things that don’t really change. For instance, if you have a home renovation project or construction project you will need assistance. Lakeshore Recycling Systems offers portable restrooms, street sweepers, roll-off dumpsters, mulch and many other services. Our team of experts are always ready to assist you with the planning of your next project. Call for a free consultation and price estimate.

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