4 Tips to Improve Recycling at Your Workplace

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4 Tips to Improve Recycling at Your Workplace

While recycling on your own is a fairly straightforward process to manage, attempting to get others to recycle can be a struggle. This is especially true in a workplace where your employees don’t necessarily share your passion for recycling.

In order to foster a recycling atmosphere at your workplace, you need to put a couple of measures in place. These measures will ensure that your workforce buys into the idea of recycling. 

Here are 4 tips to improve recycling at your workplace.

  1. Survey Your Current Waste Management Situation

Before you put any additional recycling measures in place, you need to assess the current waste management situation of your company. Doing so will allow you to create a plan of action so that you can execute your recycling initiatives in the future.

Try to get an understanding of how much waste your company goes through in a week. Then try to estimate how much of that waste can be recycled.

In addition to this, try to garner an understanding of the attitudes of your employees. How many take recycling seriously? How many don’t care at all? It’s important to know what you’re up against before taking action.

  1. Make Recycling as Simple as Possible

Perhaps the best way to encourage recycling at the workplace is to make it as accessible and convenient as possible.

Be sure to have plenty of recycling bins located around your workspace. Label these recycling bins so that your employees know exactly what is to be put inside of them. Those who aren’t sure of what goes in a specific bin will often just throw recyclables into the trash instead.

It’s important to remember that people who are indifferent about recycling generally won’t go out of their way in order to recycle.

  1. Post Regular Reminders

While those who have a passion for recycling will go out of their way in order to recycle, those who are indifferent about the practice will generally not even think about it.

For these people, you need to post regular reminders. They need to be almost constantly aware of the fact that recycling is a celebrated part of your business.

Not only should you post signs in various places around your workplace, you should also send emails to your employees regarding recycling.

Remember, the reason that people don’t recycle has nothing to do with a conscious effort not to. Most people just tend to forget about it.

  1. Foster Competition

One of the absolute best ways to promote recycling in your workplace is by turning it into a competition. It’s a simple fact of life that competition is a great incentive for getting people to do things. Most people don’t like being told what to do. They do, however, like winning.

Be sure to make the competition an interactive experience. Keep constant updates on the competition to alert your employees of who is winning. Maintain a leaderboard so that employees know of their current statuses.  

Make sure to clear rules are set. If you want everyone to be involved in the competition, you need to ensure that the competition is being run fairly.

We Can Help to Improve Recycling at Your Workplace

If you need help improving recycling at your workplace, we here at Lakeshore Recycling Systems can help you. Our environmentally friendly approach to waste management and removal makes recycling simple and efficient.

Whether you need small, moderate, or large waste containers, we can accommodate you. It is our joy to serve you, and to help promote recycling in your workplace.

Contact us today to figure out your options!

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