4 Types of Portable Restrooms in Chicago


4 Types of Portable Restrooms in Chicago

Putting together a large event? Hosting a wedding or graduation party in your backyard? If so, you have a lot to consider, including where your guests will go to use the restroom.

While you could allow your guests to use bathrooms in your home, you might find it easier to bring in some portable restrooms. There are numerous practical benefits associated with the rental of portable bathrooms. In addition, there are several types of portable bathrooms you can choose from that will compliment your event. Here are 4 types of portable restrooms in the Chicago area.


Simple, but reliable, the standard unit provides everything you could ever need in a bathroom. At 89 inches tall x 44 inches wide x 48 inches deep, it is large enough to accommodate any person.

These units are adorned with hand sanitizer dispensers, as well as mirrors and coat hooks. There is also a soap dispenser attached to one of the walls.

Since they are equipped with white roofs, they do a great job of reflecting heat. Each unit is also ventilated, ensuring that they do not hold in unpleasant odors.

If you’re looking for something effective, the standard unit is what you are seeking.

ADA Compliant

When hosting a public event, you will need to provide restrooms that will accommodate those in wheelchairs. For these purposes, ADA compliant restrooms are the way to go.

These restrooms are 95 inches in height x 65 inches in width x 92 inches in depth, accommodating even the largest sized wheelchairs. Like the standard units, they are equipped with hand sanitizer dispensers, soap dispensers, mirrors and coat hangers.

These units also have white roofs, reflecting heat while allowing the sun to create a natural illumination within them. In order to provide air flow on a regular basis, they are also equipped with ventilation slits.


Looking for some added comfort in your portable restrooms? If so, you might consider renting our deluxe units. These are substantially bigger than standard units, possessing around 1.5 times the amount of size that standard units possess.

Like standard units, they include hand sanitizer dispensers, mirrors, coat hooks and soap dispensers. They are also equipped with triple-roll toilet paper holders.

For ventilation purposes, these restrooms are also adorned with a number of small slits. These slits will prevent unpleasant odors from lingering within the unit. Equipped with white roofs, they are not only very bright throughout the days, but excellent at reflecting heat as well.


Without a doubt, the nicest types of portable restrooms available are the executive units. These units are almost like legitimate bathrooms. They have air conditioning, heat, drinking water, counters and sinks.

They are about the same size as the deluxe units mentioned above. Much like deluxe units, they are equipped with hand sanitizer dispensers, soap dispensers, mirrors and coat hooks.

To prevent unpleasant smells from building up, these units are actually equipped with exhaust fans. This is a premium feature which you will not get with any other type of portable restroom.

Although they are a little more expensive to rent than other restrooms, executive restrooms are well worth their price. They are the most luxurious type of portable toilet that you can rent.

In Need of Portable Restrooms in Chicago?

Have you made a choice? In need of portable restrooms in Chicago? If so, we here at Lakeshore Recycling Systems are the people to see.

We rent out and maintain all four types of the portable bathrooms mentioned above. We look forward to playing a vital part in your event.

Contact us today to get started!

  • Taylor Bishop
    Posted at 15:25h, 18 June Reply

    I wanted to thank you for going over different portable restrooms. I had no idea that executive restrooms could have exhaust fans to prevent unpleasant smells from building up. I’m interested to learn if the fans need to be placed in a specific spot to really help prevent strong odors.

  • Oliver Ray
    Posted at 18:26h, 30 August Reply

    It is good to know that you can rent a portable restroom with an exhaust fan in it to relieve the heavy odors that might be inside. My brother and I often work in remote areas and need a portable restroom for our work. We might have to consider getting an executive exhaust fan so we don’t have to smell odors and so we can have a cool AC while attending the restroom on our breaks.

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