5 Eco-Friendly Strategies for Construction Companies

5 Eco-Friendly Strategies for Construction Companies

The mindset of consumers, public servants, property owners and corporations has shifted toward protection of the environment. Most say they would pay more for an eco-friendly product or service over a more affordable but less sustainable one. With this approach spreading to all sectors, the construction industry is following suit.

Sustainable, eco-friendly construction strategies are key to making this shift. Implementing more green processes is essential to longevity in the industry. From creating sustainable business practices to making use of the recycling center whenever possible, there are a number of things construction companies can do to reduce their carbon footprint.

The following are five of the top eco-friendly construction industry waste management strategies to consider implementing into your construction business:

1. Use Safe, Sustainable Materials

Using more natural, recycled, non-toxic and environmentally friendly materials and construction components is a key step to becoming more eco-friendly. This would apply to paints, building materials, insulation, solvents and adhesives. Doing so reduces the risk of respiratory conditions, toxicity, skin irritation, headaches and other issues from conventional construction materials. Both workers and the people who visit or reside in the structures will benefit.

2. Buy Local

Buying materials locally versus items that have been transported hundreds or thousands of miles reduces the carbon emissions required for the transaction. Buying in your geographic region can also make the construction process more efficient while also lending support to area businesses and the local economy.

3. Use Green Demolition and Recycling Practices

Instead of immediately dumping all materials from demolition sites into landfills, construction companies can assess what can be reused or brought to the recycling center. Materials like carpet and other flooring materials can often be repurposed. Industrial crushing of wood and drywall can create new aggregate materials for future construction projects. Taking as much material to the recycling center as possible reduces waste as well as your carbon footprint.

4. Favor Solar and Wind Power

Recommending and favoring more eco-friendly alternatives to traditional HVAC systems and solutions is another way to help preserve the environment. Harnessing the power of the wind or sun and reducing energy usage can be accomplished by installing seamlessly integrated turbines, roof panels and photovoltaic windows.

5. Include Green Space and Multi-Use Areas

When designing and building properties, the addition of green spaces and flexible-use functionality can improve the eco-friendliness factor of a structure. While some of this will be the job of the architect and landscape designer, construction companies can choose to operate with these considerations in mind when working with planners, designers and clients. Adding courtyards or rooftop green spaces to commercial buildings can improve air quality for those who spend time there.

Using less toxic materials, finding energy-saving solutions and recycling as much as possible is key to running a more eco-friendly construction company. Construction companies can use these five tips to reduce their carbon footprints and run a more sustainable business going forward.

If you’re ready to make your construction company more eco-friendly, contact Lakeshore Recycling Systems. We can offer insights on how to maximize your recycling center services, waste management options and other commercial solutions.

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