6 Fun Facts About Recycling

6 Fun Facts About Recycling

Glass bottlesHere at Lakeshore Recycling Systems, we consider ourselves experts on the topic of recycling. With a number of recycling centers serving the Chicagoland area and the latest equipment at our disposal, we’re always ready to handle your waste disposal and recycling needs. We can also answer all of your questions about recycling, so on that note let’s take a quick look at some fun and quirky facts about this green industry.

Glass Can Be Recycled Over and Over

Some people may not know this, but many types of glass can just be continually recycled. You can recycle a glass bottle, it becomes another glass bottle, and then it becomes another once it’s recycled again! That makes it one of the most sustainable packaging materials around.

Americans Don’t Meet Their Recycling Potential

An average American creates around four pounds of waste per day, but they don’t recycle nearly enough of it. When it comes to the recyclable materials found in the garbage they create, they only recycle about 30 percent of it on average. Aiming higher is a good idea for all of us.

Some Surprising Items Are Recyclable

While most people know that items like newspapers and glass bottles can be recycled, there are a few more materials that you may not think of as recyclable. Many don’t realize that styrofoam can be recycled, for example. This material is commonly used to make food containers and coffee cups. It’s also used to make the packing peanuts you’ll sometimes find in a shipped package. Next time you go out to eat or grab your morning coffee, recycle instead of throwing the container away.

The foil used to wrap candy is also recyclable. We can reduce landfill waste by a significant amount if we recycle more of these wrappers. Chewed gum can even be recycled in some cases!

Recycling Saves Energy

This may seem obvious, but recycling can save energy. To put it in some easily understandable terms, recycling one aluminum can saves the energy it would take to listen to a whole music album on your mobile device. Recycling 100 of them would save the same amount of energy it would take to keep the lights on in a room for two weeks. If we recycled more of the estimated 80 billion aluminum cans used every year, we could save a significant amount of energy.

Recycling Can Reduce Pollution

It’s obvious that recycling is better for the environment because it means that less items are sitting in landfills. What may be less obvious is how much recycling can potentially cut down on pollution. Swapping out half of the glass made with raw materials for recycled glass could greatly reduce pollution. Recycling more plastic could also help us cut back on energy use and pollution. On that same note, recycling paper can dramatically reduce air pollution.

Paper Recycling Is Rising Dramatically

We’ve pointed out that Americans are not reaching their recycling potential in some cases, but it’s not all bad news. In 2010, paper recycling rates rose 89 percent when compared to 1990.

If you have any more questions about recycling or how you can go greener, reach out to your Chicago recycling drop-off experts at 773-685-8811.

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