6 Key Tips to an Eco-Friendly Event

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6 Key Tips to an Eco-Friendly Event

Maybe you’re operating a fair? Perhaps you’re putting on a music festival? In any case, you’re planning an event to which thousands of people will show up.

As you might expect, occasions such as these can lead to quite a bit of debris and pollution. When large amounts of people congregate in one area, trash tends to pile up. If you don’t plan carefully, this can become a serious problem. 

Fortunately, there are some things which you can do to make your event more “green”. Here are 6 tips to an eco-friendly event.

  1. Make Recycling Bins Easy to Access

When you get a large amount of people together into a common area, you’re capable of producing tons of trash. For this reason, you need to do everything in your power to make sure that this trash is going into waste receptacles.

If you’re running an environmentally friendly event, you’ll also need to make use of recycling bins. To ensure that as much waste as possible gets put into these bins, you need to make them readily accessible.

Keep trash cans and recycling bins visible from just about every part of your event space. This will nearly ensure that event guests recycle and throw away their trash.

  1. Sell Tickets Online

If your event involves selling tickets, you could save substantial amounts of paper by opting for online, digital tickets instead.

The same goes for brochures, pamphlets, and maps. Almost everyone carries a smartphone these days, making digital media an acceptable option for most types of events.

  1. Supply Reusable Water Bottles

While you can certainly still sell plastic bottles of pop and sports drinks, you should consider selling or giving out reusable water bottles at your event so that you don’t have to sell a lot of bottled water.

Just make sure that there are plenty of water fill-up stations on sight so that your guests can stay properly hydrated at all times.

There’s no point in distributing 100,000 plastic water bottles when you can make due by selling 10,000 reusable ones.

  1. Create a Phone App

As mentioned before, a great way to make your event more eco-friendly is by using less paper when it comes to brochures, maps, and information pamphlets.

What you can do instead of handing out physical copies is create a phone app that’s easily accessible for all of your guests. This app can possess all of the information that your guests need, and can even give them the option to print off hard copies themselves.

Not everyone will need hard copies of event information. There will be a lot less paper used because you created an app.

  1. Use Food from Local Vendors  

To reduce the carbon footprint of your event, it’s recommended that you bring in food from local vendors. Bringing in food from distant vendors will result in more travel, more fossil fuels will be burned.

If you want, you can even use food vendors who value ethical farming and food production practices.

  1. Prioritize Energy Efficiency

The final key to planning an eco-friendly event is to prioritize energy efficiency. Don’t waste energy on entities which are not absolutely necessary.

One of the great ways to reduce energy usage is to make your event entirely walkable. A walkable event will get rid of the need for shuttle transportation, reducing the amount of fossil fuels that would be burned.

Another idea would be to make use of solar energy. While solar power certainly won’t power your entire event, it can cover certain aspects of your event.

Lakeshore Recycling Can Help You Put on an Eco-Friendly Event

Do you need help planning an eco-friendly event? Will your event be located in the Chicago, Illinois area? If so, Lakeshore Recycling Systems can help you.

We supply everything from portable restrooms, to waste containers, roll off dumpsters, and more. Each and every one of our waste and recycling options is accompanied with our exceptional customer service and expertise.

Interested? Contact us to learn more!

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