7 Events or Sites Where Portable Restrooms Could Be Beneficial

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7 Events or Sites Where Portable Restrooms Could Be Beneficial

In most situations, we have access to established toilets which are connected to intricate plumbing systems. But in other situations, this access is just not realistic or limited.

So which situations are these? Here are 7 events or sites where  portable restrooms could be beneficial.

  1. Large Cookouts

Are you hosting a huge cookout on your property? If so, you likely don’t want your guests trailing mud and grime in and out of your house. The better solution would be to have portable restrooms as an option on site.

Having several portable restrooms available will not only keep people out of your house, it will also ensure that there’s always something for everyone to use. Your guests won’t have to wait in long lines in your hallway.

  1. Music Festivals

While some music festivals are held in stadiums or arenas which are in close proximity to established plumbing systems, others are held in rural areas where there isn’t a plumbing system around for miles. In the case of rural music festivals, portable restrooms are a necessity.

Even if you do have established plumbing systems available for your festival, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to supplement them with a few portable toilets as well.

  1. Camping Trips

Another event at which you might appreciate having portable restrooms is when you’re on a camping trip in the wilderness. While some campers prefer to rough it and relieve themselves out in the elements, you might prefer to have something a little more sophisticated on site.

  1. Construction Sites

If you manage a construction site, it’s almost entirely necessary to have portable restrooms on site for you and your workers.

Make sure to have enough restrooms around so that your workers don’t have to go completely out of their way just to use the bathroom.

  1. Sporting Events

It doesn’t matter whether it’s at a huge football stadium or at a little league field; sporting events need bathrooms. After all, they’re typically attended by, at the very least, hundreds of people. Somebody is going to have to go to the bathroom at some point.

Portable restrooms, in particular, can be a great option for handling such large volumes of people.

  1. Fairs

Depending on where it’s held, a fair might already have established plumbing on site. However, if it doesn’t, portable restrooms will be needed. Like sporting events, fairs are attended by hundreds to thousands of people. You can’t have that many people in one area without restrooms available.

An array of portable restrooms spread throughout the fairgrounds should accommodate your waste management efforts.

  1. Parks

When you think about it, it’s astounding how many parks there are in which restrooms are not readily accessible. Sometimes you have to walk half a mile in a park just to find something. This is entirely impractical for an area which is specifically designed for people to gather.

Spreading portable restrooms evenly throughout a park will better ensure that people will show up and most importantly, have a good time.

Need Portable Restrooms at Your Event or Site?

Are you planning an event at which portable restrooms will be needed? Maybe you’re in charge of a construction site? In either case, you can rent portable restrooms from us right here at Lakeshore Recycling Systems.

We provide portable restrooms of all different sizes and utilities, all of which are accompanied by our waste management expertise. Our goal is to keep your event or site as sanitary as possible at all times.

Interested? Contact us to learn more!

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