8 Dos and Don’ts When Using Mulch On Your Residential or Commercial Property

8 Dos and Don’ts When Using Mulch On Your Residential or Commercial Property

Mulch delivery to your business or personal property can enhance its look and improve the health of your bushes, trees and shrubs. Mulch can also assist in preserving moisture, decreasing water runoff, reducing erosion and suppressing weeds and pests. However, improper mulching can lead to major issues for your plants and landscape. Consider these eight dos and don’ts for making the most of mulch delivery to your yard or commercial property:

1. Do: Think in Terms of Your Whole Landscape

Instead of adding mulch piecemeal to just isolated areas of your property, think holistically about the entire landscape. Assessing the overall design and using comprehensive planning for mulch application can ensure ideal selection, placement, aesthetic design and results for your plants.

2. Don’t: Use Inferior Mulch

Don’t make the mistake of buying mulch from a source that’s not proven and reliable. Starting with the best quality mulch is crucial to your overall results. Lakeshore Recycling Systems uses only high-quality 100% recycled wood mulch in a range of colors and options.  

3. Do: Remove Old Mulch Before Adding More

If there is existing mulch around your plants, trees and shrubs, be sure to remove at least some of this old mulch before adding more. This can help to minimize rot and pests so that the new mulch can effectively freshen and enhance the environment.

4. Don’t: Use the Wrong Amount

Generally, a three inch depth of mulch is ideal for most regions of your yard. However, this can vary depending upon soil and foliage type as well as the specific conditions of your landscape. Getting mulch depth right is crucial to its effectiveness. When in doubt, count on an experienced professional for mulch delivery and application. 

5. Do: Use Mulch Artfully

Don’t neglect the aesthetic opportunities that mulch can afford. In addition to supporting the health of your plants and trees, choosing the ideal mulch color and texture can enhance the design and visual appeal of your property. Consider optimal contrast and/or creating a theme with mulch color and placement.

6. Don’t: Disregard Color Impact

While color should be used creatively and with an eye for design, this consideration also should be balanced out with awareness of the effectiveness of different mulch colors. For example, dark colored mulch may not be ideal in areas that receive a lot of sunlight, as it will absorb a lot of heat and may not bode well for the plants there. Balance out color selection with an awareness of how it may impact soil temperature, pests and moisture levels.

7. Do: Use Mulch to Help Prevent Erosion

In addition to placing mulch around plants, bushes and trees, it can also serve as protection against erosion. Be mindful of areas in your yard that could be prone to erosion and use mulch in these areas as well.

8. Don’t: Neglect Larger Trees and Shrubs  

Mulch isn’t just for smaller growth on your property. Larger bushes and trees are just as prone to pests, weeds and loss of moisture.

For proven, professional mulch delivery services and advice, count on Lakeshore Recycling Systems. We’ll help you to navigate all your mulch questions and concerns so that you can achieve the highest quality results possible.

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