9 Items You Might Not Know Could Be Recycled

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9 Items You Might Not Know Could Be Recycled

When most people think of recycling, they think of recycling cans, bottles, and paper. However, these three materials are far from the only materials that can be recycled.

In fact, there are a number of other products that can be recycled. Here is a list of 9 of those products. 

  1. Batteries

You might be surprised to know that, not only can you recycle reusable batteries, but one-time-use batteries as well. The materials of a battery which are recycled include steel, manganese, and zinc.

  1. Eyewear

Do you have a pair of old, unusable eyeglasses lying around the house somewhere? If so, you can dispose of them by recycling them. Whereas some companies will recycle the materials out of which your eyewear is made, other companies will donate your eyewear to people who can’t afford glasses.

  1. Ink Cartridges

You may or may not know that you can recycle empty ink cartridges. Not only can you fill them up with a new dose of ink yourself, you can also drop them off at companies that are prepared to handle the recycling process.

  1. Oil  

Did you know that you can recycle used oil? Unlike gasoline, oil doesn’t burn. The only reason oils cease to perform its functions is that it becomes contaminated with various forms of debris. So, instead of just dumping oil out after it’s been used, you can bring it to an oil recycling center where it will be decontaminated and prepared for more use.

  1. Telephones

Another item you can recycle that many people do not think of are cell phones. Not only can old cell phones be put to use by those who can’t afford them, but their materials can also be used to make new products. In some cases, you can even receive payment for turning your old cell phones into a collection spot.

  1. Shoes

Regardless of how used and worn out they are, you can actually recycle your shoes. If they are only slightly worn, you can donate them directly to others for future use. If they are worn down to the point that they can no longer be used, you can send them into companies which will use their parts to make different products.

  1. Discs

You’re bound to have a few dozen useless CDs and DVDs laying around your house. You can dispose of them by turning them into recycling centers. The plastic used to make these discs can be used to make other products.

  1. Toothbrushes

If you brush your teeth regularly (and who doesn’t?), you’ve got to have some old toothbrushes laying around the house. Fortunately, the plastic used to make toothbrushes can be recycled and used to make other products.

  1. Crayons

Does someone in your home like to color? If they do, you’ve likely got some crayons on hand. If you have any broken ones that can no longer be used, you can actually turn them in to be recycled. Companies which recycle crayons quite simply melt them down and reshape them into a new crayon again.

Lakeshore Recycling Can Help You With Your Recycling Efforts

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