A Quick Guide to On-Site Storage

A Quick Guide to On-Site Storage

Here at Lakeshore Recycling Systems, we don’t just offer recycling and waste management services. We can also help customers who need to store tools and materials on the job site. When you’re managing a significant project with a lot of moving pieces, you may feel like you don’t have enough storage space. If you need more, we offer the comprehensive on-site storage options that our customers here in Chicago need.

What Is On-Site Storage?

Simply put, on-site storage is a safe and secure way to store the things you need to complete a project without having to bring them back and forth to the job site.  We offer large orange and gray storage containers that are spacious and easy to spot on a job site, thanks to reflective taping and other touches that add greater visibility. No matter which size you choose, our containers are made of thick steel and are secured with big double locking doors.

These containers are difficult for unauthorized persons to access and help you keep the tools you don’t need at the moment out of the way. Our dependable containers can give you peace of mind because you’ll worry less about your important equipment being stolen. It’s the safe and secure way to store anything that you just don’t have room for, but might need soon.

Who Can Benefit From On-Site Storage?

Our customers work in a wide range of industries and many of them can benefit from the use of our on-site storage containers. Generally, construction firms and demolition teams working on large and lengthy projects get the most use out of our storage containers. Companies in both industries frequently use different types of equipment to complete the task at hand. An on-site storage container helps give them more breathing room and a secure space to store important assets.

A typical construction job requires a variety of equipment, but when you don’t need a particular device you need a safe place to store it. Leaving any kind of valuable equipment out in the open is asking for trouble. Not only can it be stolen easily, but it could get damaged. A rainstorm, falling temperatures, or other weather events can reduce the lifespan of your equipment or even leave it completely unusable.

An on-site storage container can be used to store tools that are critical to project but are used on an infrequent basis. Not having the tools available can result in costly delays and severe reductions in productivity and profitability.  The high value of some of these objects can attract thieves, but one of our durable and dependable on-site storage solutions will deter them. The job can keep going smoothly and you don’t have to worry about whether or not you’ll have everything you need from day to day.

Why Lakeshore Recycling Systems?

In addition to on-site storage solutions, Lakeshore Recycling Systems has a vast inventory of roll-off dumpsters, portable restrooms and street sweepers. We’ve been serving the Chicagoland area for nearly two decades, and we have the experience needed to find the right construction services solutions for any sized project.  Customer service is always our top priority, so reach out to us at 630-377-7000 today to see how we can assist you with all of your on-site storage needs.

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