Should Businesses Prioritize Recycling?


Should Businesses Prioritize Recycling?

There is a bit of debate out there regarding whether or not recycling is truly beneficial for businesses. Some businesses see recycling efforts as a distraction from the primary objective of the business, which causes them to avoid recycling.

However, recycling is not quite as harmful for businesses as some make it out to be. In fact, it can actually be quite beneficial for businesses. Read below to help you make an informed decision on whether or not your business should prioritized recycling.

Spend Less on Resources

When most people think of recycling, they think of the environmental benefits. What they don’t think about is how recycling affects the price of resources.

Recycling creates an unlimited amount of certain resources, that could be sold for cheaper prices than if they were finite. In this regard, recycling is a lot like investing; you spend some money on recycling now so that you don’t have to spend a lot of money on resources in the future.

Help Your Reputation

Your recycling efforts are not going to scare away any clients, but they might attract some. Those who prioritize recycling are seen in a brighter light by the public than those who don’t. Businesses which recycle become humanized and are seen by customers as concerned citizens, not just faceless entities.

Again, in this respect, recycling is like an investment—you invest in recycling so that you can improve your public image.

Secure Funding

If you run a business which needs funding in order to carry out everyday tasks, it would be wise of you to start prioritizing recycling within your business.

You might not know this, but certain environmental organizations will pass grant money on to businesses which demonstrate an eagerness to recycle. You could be missing out on money simply because your business does not have a recycling plan in place.

Our advice to you is to establish a recycling plan within your business and to track your progress along the way. Let the public know that your company is environmentally engaged.

Spend Less on Waste Management

Often times, businesses which prioritize recycling will spend less money on overall waste management costs.

When plastic and paper is separated from other trash, there is less waste accumulated for the waste management company to pick up. Because your waste management company will not have to pick up as much waste from you, you may not be charged as much money.

Will this reduction in price be offset by recycling pickup costs? In most cases, no. Recycling pickup is generally less expensive than waste pickup.

Inspire Employees

While not all of your employees will care about the environment, many of them will. These employees will look at you and your company much more favorably if you institute a company-wide recycling program.

They will see your recycling efforts as a positive; and in some cases, inspire them to go the extra mile for your company. It will build morale within the company.

Is Your Business Looking to Start Recycling?

Are you a business owner? Is your company looking to prioritize recycling? Is your organization located in or around Chicago? If so, contact Lakeshore Recycling Systems today for all of your recycling needs.

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