Clarendon Hills Residential Waste & Recycling

Village of Clarendon Hills Waste, Recycling & Yard Waste Collection Program

LRS began serving as the village’s official residential hauler for waste, recycling and organics on April 1, 2021,  We are excited to provide Clarendon Hills residents with Chicagoland’s best and most reliable hauling services.

Clarendon Hills Residential Waste & Recycling

Cart Service

Clarendon Hills Residential Waste Management

We strongly advise that your carts are out for service between 7PM the night before service, and 6AM the day of service. Collection will start no earlier than 7AM, and end by 5PM each service day.

Carts are available is 35, 65 and 95 gallon options to best suit your needs. We strongly advise that your carts are out for service between 7PM the night before service, and 6AM the day of service. Collection will start no earlier than 7AM, and end by 5PM each service day.

Waste Collection

Residents will be allowed to put out one ‘bulk’ item for collection each week.  Those items must be 50lbs or less, and allowable in Illinois landfills.  For additional bags or bulk items, a refuse sticker must be attached to each bag / item in order to be collected.  For larger or heavier items, please call LRS at 844-633-3577, or email us at to schedule service.  Stickers may be purchased at the same retailers they have always been available at.

Mattresses that are put or for collection will need to be wrapped in plastic.  This step will help keep our drivers safe from harmful residues or bed bugs.

Recycling Collection

Clarendon Hills residents are allowed to put out as much single-stream recyclable material for collection as they would like. Unlike your waste service, additional items that do not fit in your recycling container will not require stickers to be collected. (A list of the most current single-stream definitions will be on each cart.)

Recycle Tips

  • Recyclable plastic items are #1 – #7 except #6.
  • Recycling materials should be loose and not bagged. If you must use a bag, it needs to be transparent. Black bags will be considered contaminated.
  • Containers that have previously stored liquid or food should be emptied. Food and liquid containers do not have to be rinsed unless it was previously filled with a heavy substance. Examples of heavy substance products include tomato paste, peanut butter and vegetable oil.
  • Lids and caps from plastic bottles and glass jars is preferred to remain intact prior to recycling.
  • To limit the amount of space used, break down any cardboard boxes into pieces.
  • The following items are NOT recyclable although they are made from paper, plastic and cardboard:
  • Pizza boxes
  • Styrofoam
  • Paper plates
  • Plastic cups (i.e. Solo cups)
  • Paper towels
  • Plastic grocery bags

Yard Waste Collection

Residents will be able to set out unlimited amounts of stickered brown kraft bags filled with grass clippings. Bundled twigs, branches and sticks will also be taken as long as they do not exceed 4’ in length and 18” in diameter. Stickers may be purchased at the same retailers where they are currently purchased.

Food Waste Collection

The Village of Clarendon Hills and LRS are extremely pleased to offer Clarendon Hills residents the ability to put out organic waste/food waste for collection each week. No carts will be needed.

Instead, residents may simply mix organic / food waste with grass clippings in stickered brown kraft bags. This is a seasonal option, which will run from April through November each year.

Residents may also use their own carts/cans for this service, as long as they do not exceed 35-gallons in size, and can be easily dumped in our trucks.

Do-it-yourself Construction

For larger clean-out or remolding projects, please call LRS to set up special services. With over 20 years of roll-off and commercial waste experience, we guarantee service operations will be timely and above expectations. From rear loading containers, to roll-off containers, to compactors, we will work with you to select an appropriate dumpster so that your project continues to run smoothly.

Click here to request a quote.

Electronic Waste Collection


Residents are required to register with LRS online or over the phone for the semi-annual electronic waste and small appliance collection curbside event by May 2nd at 5pm for the May event and October 17th by 5pm for the October event.

Click Here to sign up for E-Waste collection.

Please check the LRS and Village websites periodically to get more information on when your next collection days will be scheduled.


TV’s, printers, computers, computer monitors, laptops, gaming consoles, fax machines, scanners, stereo equipment, cell phones, keyboards/mice, extension cords, telephones, cameras, network cables, computer cords.


Blenders, microwaves, toasters, alarm clocks, hair dryers (most small corded items).


Electronics containing liquids/hazardous materials (these items include air conditioners, refrigerators, dehumidifiers, etc.), batteries for cars, boats, sump pumps, etc., smoke detectors, thermostats, lightbulbs, gas-powered items.

If an allowable item is too large to handle, or needs special consideration, LRS may not be able to take it, or reschedule for a different day

Billing Information

Residents will be billed on a quarterly basis. Payments to be remitted to:

PO BOX 4700
Carol Stream, IL 60197-4700

Clarendon Hills Residential Waste & Recycling

Auto-Billing Option

To save time and money, LRS offers a convenient auto-billing option.  Enrollment is simple; once you receive your first invoice, you simply need to go to: 

LRS Payment Portal

You will be asked to create an account with a unique user name and password.