LRS provides City of Darien homes with services for garbage, recycling and yard waste. LRS offers many other services for Darien residents including electronic waste recycling, organic food scrap compost service, portable restrooms and large, open top construction style containers. We are proud to be a partner in your community!




LRS provides City of Darien homes with services for garbage, recycling and yard waste.  LRS offers many other services for Darien residents including electronic waste recycling, organic food scrap compost service, portable restrooms and large, open top construction style containers.  We are proud to be a partner in your community!




LRS offers unlimited waste collection service and a special program for qualifying seniors to include a limited service program with smaller containers.


All garbage, recycling and yard waste will be collected on your scheduled collection day. Collection days can be found on the map on the right-hand side of this page. Please have all items to the curb by 6am to ensure service.  Service times are subject to change.


Please see below for more information on the program.

  • Garbage is serviced the same day is serviced on the same day recycle and yard waste
  • All items much be placed curbside by 6am
  • Each home may choose from a 95 or 65-gallon container for garbage
  • LRS carts are to be used for weekly collection of garbage
  • Additional cart rental available; call LRS at 844.633.3577 or email
  • A $15.00 fee applies for each cart delivery, removal or exchange
  • Each home may place out one (1) bulk item per week





  • Non-LRS containers may be used for excess garbage
  • Non-LRS carts may not exceed 35-gallons or 50lbs when full and must have two (2) handles
  • LRS is not responsible for damage to non-LRS containers

This option is available for seniors 65 years of age and older who generate less waste.


One (1) 35-gallon waste will be provided for weekly collection services. Collection is limited to the items contained inside the LRS cart and one bulk item per week.



To enroll for the SENIOR PROGRAM, complete the Senior Program Enrollment form on the right-hand side of this page and choose one of the options to provide verification of your age using an Illinois State ID, Driver’s License or US Passport.



Darien City Hall is located at 1702 Plainfield Rd, Darien, IL | Hours: Mon-Fri 8:30 AM-5:00 PM




  1. Submit copy of current state-issued ID showing your name, address and date of birth
  2. Send copy of ID and completed enrollment form by E-Mail or Mail to:
    • E-Mail |
    • Mail | LRS Darien Senior Enrollment 5500 Pearl Street, Rosemont, IL 60018
    • In-Person | Darien City Hall, 1702 Plainfield Rd, Darien, IL
  • Recycling collection is unlimited and collected the same day as garbage and yard waste
  • All items much be placed curbside by 6am
  • Each home may choose from a 95 or 65-gallon container for recyclables
  • LRS carts are to be used for weekly collection of recyclables
  • Additional 65 and 95 gallon cart rental available; call LRS at 844.633.3577 or email
  • A $15.00 fee applies for each cart delivery, removal or exchange.




  • Non-LRS containers are only used for additional recyclables
  • Containers must have two handles or a grip
  • Recyclable materials must be contained inside the container and not exceeding capacity
  • Recycle containers are required to have a lid
  • Non-LRS containers may not exceed 33-gallons or 50 pounds when full
  • Extra recyclables may be placed in a cardboard box





  • Remove metal clips and rings, notebook spirals, three-ring binders, and industrial size staples
  • Envelopes with cellophane windows are accepted


Newspaper and inserts

  • Magazines, catalogs, and phone books
  • Office paper, notebooks, computer printouts, hanging file folders, pastel-colored sticky notes (no fluorescent), glossy brochures, index cards, greeting cards, stationery, fax paper, manila folders and envelopes
  • Junk mail
  • Chipboard/paperboard – cereal, cracker, tissue, shoe, gift, and 6/12-pack boxes, paper towel tubes, and egg cartons
  • Cardboard boxes must be flattened and cut
  • Brown paper grocery bags
  • Paperback books (no hardcover books)

Steel/tin cans

  • Empty and rinse, labels may be left on
  • Food cans and lids
  • Metal paint cans and lids (must be empty and dry, some dried paint residue is fine)
  • Metal lids are recyclable


  • Empty, rinse, do not crush or flatten, leave caps and tabs on
  • Food and drink cartons
  • Milk, soup, and juice

Aluminum Cans & Foil

  • Empty, rinse, do not crush or flatten
  • Aluminum cans
  • Aluminum foil (ball clean foil to 2 inches or larger, no flat foil or small balled up foil)
  • Pie plates & trays

Glass Bottles & Jars

  • Empty, rinse, labels are ok to leave on
  • All glass colors are accepted


Plastic Containers

  • Leave plastic screw-top caps on empty bottles and jars
  • Empty and rinse; labels may be left on
  • Bottles include: Water, soda, juice, laundry detergent, soap/shampoo, health and beauty products and cleaners
  • Tubs include: coffee, tofu, cottage cheese, yogurt, margarine tubs, fruit, or lettuce
  • Jugs include: milk and juice
  • Jars include: mayo, peanut butter


LRS Recycling Guidelines



Yard waste collection begins April 1st through the second full week of December. It’s collected the same day as garbage and recyclables. Organic food scraps may be mixed into yard waste.




Bread, cereal, coffee grounds, dairy, eggshells, eggs, fruits, grains, pasta shells, and vegetables


  • Yard waste bags are to be a minimum of 2-ply, biodegradable paper, not to exceed 30-gallons or 50 pounds’ when full.
  • Any non-LRS containers may be used so long as they do not exceed 33 gallons in size or 50 pounds in weight when full. Containers must clearly indicate YARD WASTE.
  • Yard waste container labels stickers are available at City Hall.
  • Non-LRS containers must have two handles for lifting. LRS does not recommend using your own container as drivers may use the automated lifting mechanism which may damage your container.
  • LRS will not repair or replace non-LRS containers used for yard waste.


Yard waste brush bundles limbs, branches or other loose items which do not exceed four (4) feet in diameter and fifty (50) pounds in weight.


  • Branches must be no more than four (4) inches in diameter, with the total diameter of the bundle not to exceed twenty-four (24) inches.
  • Stumps or root balls should be bagged and thrown into regular garbage.
  • Contact LRS for a special collection, or a local landscape company for extra-large stumps/root balls

LRS collects live Christmas trees the first two full weeks of January at no charge. Trees placed out after the first 2 weeks of January will require prepayment and prescheduling.


  • Remove all materials from the tree prior to disposal, including ornaments, tinsel, lights etc.
  • Christmas trees cannot be in plastic bags or wrapped in plastic – will not be collected
  • All wreaths and roping must be included with normal trash on residents’ normal collection day
  • Any trees that are over 7ft tall would need to be cut in half to have it removed

Bulk items are large items that do not fit in the LRS cart


  • Each home may place out one bulk item per week on service day for no charge
  • Each extra bulk item must be prescheduled and prepaid to LRS


Mattresses and box springs must be enclosed in a plastic mattress cover and taped securely shut. Plastic mattress covers may be purchased at retail outlets such as Walmart, Lowes, Menards, Home Depot, and storage unit facilities.


Carpet rolls must be tied in bundles and not exceed 4 feet in length and 18 inches in diameter.  


Construction debris may be placed in LRS waste containers or non-LRS containers not to exceed 34-gallons and secured in tied bundles not exceeding 4 feet in length, 2 feet wide, and 2 feet high. Residents may place up to 2 cubic yards for curbside pickup on your regular service for collection at no charge. If you have additional material, please call or email LRS a photo at for an estimate and to preschedule the pick-up.

Electronic Waste (E-Waste) are electronic items that banned from Illinois landfills. 


LRS provides annual home collection of E-Waste for Darien households that have LRS waste and recycling collection.

  • There is no charge for this service
  • Limit of seven (7) items including only one (2) TV or (2) monitors
  • Registration will be required and open online approximately 4 weeks before the event
  • Late registrations will not be accepted and will require a special pickup and fee paid in advance



Please check back at this page for any updates.

  • Seven (7) item limit including only one (2) TV or (2) Monitor
  • Tube TV’s may not exceed 40” (inches) or 100 pounds
  • Flat Screen TV’s may not exceed 60” (inches) or 100 pounds
  • LRS may provide an estimate for a special handling fee of E-Waste exceeding limitations.
  • To receive an estimate, please e-mail: or call 844-633-3577


Computers | Computer Monitors | Televisions | Printers | Keyboards | Fax Machines | VCR’S | Portable Digital Music Players | DVD Player | Video Game Consoles | Computer Mouse | Scanners | Digital Converter Boxes | Cable Receivers | Satellite Receivers | DVD Recorders | Small-Scale Servers

Contact LRS at 844.633.3577 to preschedule and prepay for an appliance / white good collection.




Air Conditioner | Clothes Dryer | Cook Top & Cooking Plate | Cooker or Bakers Oven | Dishwasher | Drying Cabinet | Freezer | Kitchen Stove or Oven Range | Microwave Oven | Refrigerator or Refrigeration Equipment | Washing Machine | Water Heater

  • LRS bills quarterly in advance 
  • Invoices will be billed to the Property Owner 
  • Invoices will be mailed to the service address unless another address is provided 
  • E-mail billing is available by registering online at:
  • Pay your bill or select autopay online at:
  • Residents will be able to create an online account once they have an open LRS invoice   
  • Mail payment to:


PO BOX 4700

CAROL STREAM, IL 60197-4700

LRS provides two options for Vacation and Seasonal Hold:


  • Requests must be submitted in writing by account holder to LRS by e-mail or US postal mail.
    • E-mail to:
    • US mail to: LRS Central Darien Customer Service, 5500 Pearl Street, Rosemont, IL 60018
  • Requests must be received at least 7 days prior to Vacation/Seasonal Hold week
  • Receipt of submission to LRS is required to be honored. LRS sends receipt within 24 hours.
  • Requests that arrive by mail the day of, during or after vacation, will not be accepted or honored
  • Accounts must be paid up to date to qualify for a Vacation or Seasonal Hold


Vacation Hold and Seasonal Hold are different. Here are the options available:




Vacation Hold is allowed for up to three service weeks (Sunday through Saturday). LRS will provide two (2) vacation holds per contract year (April-March) per home. Vacation Hold weeks cannot be split up, must be started from Sunday, and run through Saturday with regards to billing. There will be no additional charge for vacation hold.




Seasonal Hold is allowed for a minimum of three (3) full-service months and up to six (6) months per contract year. Seasonal Hold is allowed twice per contract year (April –March) as the minimum three (3) month time is honored for both requests. Seasonal Hold is adjusted by the service week (Sunday through Saturday) as is with the Vacation Hold Policy.

New Years Day                              Independence Day                                      Christmas Day


Memorial Day                                Thanksgiving Day                                        Labor Day


Holiday service will be provided one day later than regular collection if the holiday falls Sunday through Friday. If the holiday falls on a Saturday, service will not be affected. 

For more information, questions and to arrange for services, please call LRS Monday – Friday from 8:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. at 844.633.3577 or email  


Missed Pick Up

Contact LRS if waste, recycling, or yard waste materials are not collected on your service day by 7:00 PM.

  • Call: 844.633.3577
  • E-Mail:  | Please include your address and what service was missed.  
  • Submit a support request in the top right-hand section of this webpage.

Improperly prepared materials placed for collection will not be collected.


Cleaning Carts

Fill the cart with hot water and a capful of vinegar or grease-cutting dish soap. Let it sit for about 10 minutes and rinse. Once the cart has been thoroughly rinsed, set the cart out with the lid open in the sun to dry.


Cart Replacement

Broken or damaged carts incurred during weekly collection are usually reported by LRS crews for replacement at no charge. Contact LRS to report cart damages at 844-633.3577.


Latex Paint

Latex paint may be placed out with regular garbage so long as it’s completely dry and the lid is removed.  


Dry latex paint by leaving lid off or open and/or mix kitty litter until the paint is completely absorbed.


Do not place out for collection until the paint is completely dry.


Alkaline Batteries

  • Alkaline batteries are considered regular garbage and should be thrown into the garbage.
  • Cover each battery portal with tape.
  • Place into plastic bag before placing it the garbage for safety reasons.