Schaumburg: Garbage, Recycling, Yard Waste Collection Program

Our Orion Waste Solutions team is thrilled to announce our collaboration with LRS as a means of bringing high-quality waste management solutions to the Gentry community. As experts in waste management, our LRS team is advanced in helping a variety of entities, from businesses and municipalities to whole cities, and states. Our services are well-rounded as we offer services ranging from regular trash pickups to advanced recycling options and even additional services such as compactor solutions and on-site storage.


We are passionate about offering waste management services that also contribute to a sustainable future for our atmosphere and environment. In addition, it is our pleasure to offer our community and business clients customized services to fit their specific needs. While working alongside LRS, you can expect to receive services that perfectly solve your problem.


With the merging of Orion Waste Solutions and LRS, we will be using new blue service vehicles throughout Gentry, as well as the user-friendly LRS website. Don’t worry; you will be receiving the same effective services as before with the added specialties performed by LRS!