City of Little Flock

City of Little Flock Refuse & Recycling Collection

LRS is the exclusive service provider for refuse and recycling in the City of Little Flock. LRS offers other services for Little Flock residents including large, open top construction style containers. We are proud to be a partner in your community!

For more information on the required collection for specific items or material types, please click on one of the tabs below.

Clarendon Hills Residential Waste & Recycling

Garbage is collected on Friday in the City of Little Flock. All items need to be placed out to the curb the night before service day. LRS offers wheeled carts for garbage with a flip-top lid and handlebar to throw your refuse in. Anything outside of the cart will be left behind. All residents should use the LRS issued cart for garbage materials. LRS offers additional rental carts for an added fee.


All Inclusive Solid Waste Service

This service option is for all residents included within the city limits. One (1) 95-gallon waste cart will be provided for weekly collection services. A 65-gallon cart for recyclables will be provided. Additional carts can be rented. Residents can also request to downsize their cart size. Please contact Customer Service to do so. On the service day, any waste or materials outside the container will be left behind. One Bulk item can be serviced once per week at no additional charge. Prescheduling is required.  


Low Volume Service – All-Inclusive Discount

Residents who elect to participate in this program will be provided with a 65-gallon cart for trash and a 65-gallon cart for recyclables. Anything outside the container will be left behind. Residents can apply for this program by contacting LRS customer service.


Low Volume Service – Colored Bags

For residents who seldom have waste, the bag program may be the option for you. Instead of having carts on site, bags can be purchased for a small fee at City Hall and placed out weekly for service. Only two (2) bags can be placed out weekly. Residents can apply for this program by contacting LRS customer service.

LRS provides one (1) cart for recycling if desired. Carts are available in 65-gallon size and an additional rate will be tacked on for recycling services. Additional carts are available upon request. Contact LRS Customer Service for more information or with questions on recycling.



Please contact LRS customer service if you have any questions on how to dispose of any of the non-accepted recyclable materials.


Yard Waste Services

Residents are encouraged to manage yard waste on site using techniques such as backyard composting and mulching mowers to the greatest extent possible. Yard Waste Services are excluded from this agreement.

LRS will collect one (1) bulk item per week, along with your regular garbage at no additional fee. Bulk items are small furniture items or toys that do not fit in the cart.

Examples of bulk items include: chair, love seat, couch or section of a couch, small desk, table, or children’s bicycle.

Prescheduling is required to service any bulk items. Please contact LRS customer service 48 hours in advance of your service day.

DIY Construction

Home remodeling waste that includes, but is not limited to drywall, plywood, paneling, lumber, doors, windows, cabinets, porcelain fixtures, sod, fencing, concrete or rocks will require special pickups. Residents will need to schedule service for these items and call to receive instructions on how to best prepare them for collection. Estimates will be provided, and items will be charged by the yard.


Dumpster Services

LRS has expanded our temporary services division to create an easier customer experience.  These temporary services include dumpster roll-offs of all sizes to contain your construction debris and other home renovation waste.

Contact us today to discover all the ways Lakeshore can make your waste removal even easier, no matter the project.

Contact LRS at 479-878-1384 for any items you are unsure about. Items requiring additional labor and/or equipment to manage are a Special Refuse Collection. LRS will provide a cost estimate if we are able to provide the service. LRS does not guarantee collection of every item.

  • LRS bills quarterly in advance
  • Invoices will be billed to the Property Owner
  • Invoices will be mailed to the service address unless another address is provided
  • To establish service, please contact LRS customer service

For more information, questions and to arrange for services, please call LRS Monday – Friday from 8:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. 4:00 p.m. at 479-878-1384.


How do I clean my cart?

Fill the cart with hot water and a capful of vinegar or grease-cutting dish soap. Let it sit for about 10 minutes and rinse. Once the cart has been thoroughly rinsed, set the cart out with the lid open in the sun to dry.


What if I need my cart replaced?

Carts that are broken due to damage incurred during the collection are reported by the driver for replacement at no charge. Residents are encouraged to contact LRS for a replacement cart if they notice damage to the cart during the collection process.

If damage occurs to the cart due to other reasons, please contact LRS to request a replacement cart. An exchange fee will be applied and billed to the resident if requesting a new cart due to damage not incurred during the collection process or odors.


Is this considered garbage?

Latex paint

Latex paint is considered regular garbage, but it must be completely dried, with the lid off so the driver is able to see inside the can. Dry latex paint by leaving lid off or open and/or mix kitty litter until the paint is completely absorbed. Do not place out for collection until the paint is completely dry.

Alkaline batteries

Alkaline batteries are considered regular garbage and should be thrown into the garbage. It is always recommended that tape be used on each end of the battery and placed into a plastic sandwich bag when disposing of them.


How do I report a missed pickup?

If your waste, recycling or yard waste services are not collected on the service day, please contact LRS by calling 479-878-1384.

You can also reach out by submitting a support request in the top right-hand section of this webpage.

The holidays below will impact service only if it falls before or on your day of service, Sunday – Friday. Holidays falling on a Saturday will not impact your collection day. LRS observes and will be closed for the six holidays below:

New Year’s Day                               Independence Day                                         Christmas Day

Memorial Day                                  Thanksgiving Day                                            Labor Day