How to Dispose of Waste Materials After a Home Renovation

How to Dispose of Waste Materials After a Home Renovation

At Lakeshore Recycling Systems, we know that renovating your home can be complicated. You’re busy picking out fixtures, finding the perfect paint color, or searching for new windows and doors that will give your home a new and refreshed look. With all of the aspects that go into your changing your home, you might not be thinking about what to do with the excess waste materials that can result from your renovation.

As a premier renter of on-site storage containers in Chicago, we know just how much space construction materials can take up. We also know how to properly deal with the waste materials that you’ll find left over after a home renovation. There’s a greener way to deal with all of the materials that is a result of your renovation.

Don’t Put it at the Curb

Most construction waste cannot be dragged out to your curb. This kind of waste tends to be bulky and heavy, which means that it probably won’t be part of the typical curbside pickup program. Your garbage man won’t be able to pick up materials like concrete and wood, so you’ll need to find another way to dispose of it. You can contact your local municipal waste pickup service to see what they actually take, but don’t rely on them being ready to take all of your renovation waste materials.

Roll-Off Dumpster Service

We can also rent you a roll-off dumpster when you’re under going a home renovation. We have containers of different sizes, so we’ll be able to accommodate you regardless of the size of your renovation project. We can cart off your construction waste for you and you won’t have to worry about it. We’re one of the biggest names in this industry and we recently expanded our operations, so getting the equipment you need is easier than ever.

Donate Materials That Can Still Be Used

If you’re doing a full-scale renovation of your home, you may end up with some perfectly good things that just don’t fit in at your revitalized house. That older appliance is still working, even if it doesn’t match the new aesthetic of your kitchen. An old mirror or another item from your bathroom or bedroom could find a new home elsewhere. You can even donate old carpet or counter tops in some instances. Your dresser or old cabinets are better off donated than sitting in a landfill. So before you think of disposing something after a renovation, see if you can make preparations to donate it first.

Know How Much Waste You’re Creating

An easy way to make disposing of home renovation waste manageable is by accurately estimating how much material you’ll have to get rid of at the end of the project. The more you know about how complex your renovation is, the simpler it is to guess how much waste you’re creating.

If you know what types of waste you’re going to have to dispose of, that can help too. Materials like plaster, brick, wood, and scrap metal all weigh different amounts and take up different amounts of space. Knowing more about how much waste your renovation is going to create can help you pick a roll-off dumpster or container that makes cleanup easier.

Call on the Chicago Recycling Experts

Chicago residents and businesses have long trusted the professionals at Lakeshore Recycling Systems for all of their disposal, dumpster rental and recycling needs. When you begin planning your next renovation project contact one of our experts and we will help you plan the removal of the waste. Call to schedule a free consultation today.

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    How can we dispose of 2 cultured marble counter tops and 3 toilets?
    We live in Grayslake.

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