What Types of Dumpster Rental Services are Available in Aurora?


What Types of Dumpster Rental Services are Available in Aurora?

Whether you’re managing a construction site or are cleaning out your residence, you’re going to need to rent a dumpster at some time to dispose of unwanted materials. Conversely, if you own a business you may need on-going waste collection services. In either case, it’s wise to secure a dumpster from a reputable dumpster rental company that has been serving the Aurora area for many years.

Are you interesting in securing a dumpster or waste management services in Aurora, Illinois? Wondering what types of dumpsters are available for you? This blogpost will provide some valuable information to help guide your decision.

Rear-loading Dumpsters

With their wide and tall stature, rear-loading dumpsters are like the bigger brother to front-loading dumpsters. These dumpsters are capable of holding a great deal of trash at one time.

While they can collect a lot of waste, they tend to take up a good deal of space. Their large stature makes them inappropriate for some work areas (such as those that don’t have room to spare).

Rear-loading dumpsters are often used by grocery stores, warehouses and other large facilities. In some cases, they will be shared by several businesses at once.

Front-loading Dumpsters

As noted above, front-loading dumpsters are like the little brother to rear-loading dumpsters. They’re smaller than rear-loading dumpsters, and therefore, can’t hold as much trash at one time. This means that they will need to be emptied on a more frequent basis than rear-loading dumpsters.

The good thing about front-loading dumpsters, however, is that they can fit into fairly small areas. Because of this, you’ll often see them behind small stores such as restaurants, shops and gas stations. You’ll also see them in alleys, positioned for public use.

Due to their shape and style, front-loading dumpsters are very easy to access. They make waste disposal as simple as possible.

Roll-off Dumpsters

Roll-off dumpsters are in a class of their own. These long, narrow, low-sitting dumpsters typically offer lots of disposal space (different sizes available), allowing them to accept large quantities of trash.

Most typically, you’ll see roll-off dumpsters used at construction sites. If you’re building a new home or commercial building or if you’re making updates to an existing home or commercial building, a roll-off dumpster can be a very valuable receptacle to have nearby.

Due to their size and portability, roll-off dumpsters are extremely accessible. They help to make work as convenient and as efficient as possible.


If your goal is to dispose of as much trash as possible into just one receptacle, we recommend that you go with a compactor. Compactors are electrically-powered dumpsters that can compress trash, making it as small and as compact as is physically possible.

Compactors can hold a significant amount of trash without having to be emptied. This makes them ideal for commercial areas where large amounts of trash are routinely compiled.

Most typically, you’ll find compactors at construction sites and dumps. You might also find them at industrial warehouses and factories. However, it is extremely rare that you’ll see a compactor behind a small business or in a residential area.

Looking for Dumpster Rentals in Aurora, Illinois?

Have you decided on the type of dumpster you would like to rent? Are you looking for dumpster rentals in Aurora, Illinois? If so, Lakeshore Recycling Systems is the company to call.

We rent out all of the types of dumpster reviewed above. Regardless of whether you need a roll-off, a rear-loading, a front-loading or a compactor, we can deliver your dumpster directly to the location of your choice.

Contact us now to receive a quote!

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