Education & Outreach

Recycling Guidelines

Utilize our recycle guide below to distinguish what you can or cannot put in your recycle cart. If you have questions about something that is not on the recycle guide below, email with your name, full-service address and your recycling or disposal question and one of our representatives will contact you as soon as possible.

Please Note – Arkansas and Kansas communities serviced by LRS do not collect glass as part of their curbside collection’s program

Community Education & Outreach

LRS recycling services

Through community education, LRS remain an active voice for environmental change. Year-round, LRS partners with Chicagoland charities, organizations, and schools to make a difference in our community along with educating the public on recycling practices. Our company aims to show dedication not only to the services we provide, but to the people we work with.

Chicago Public Schools (CPS) is the third largest school system in the United States serving 330,000 students in over 600 schools. LRS also collaborates with CPS and the non-profit Seven Generations Ahead to support the expanding Zero Waste Schools program currently in 24 elementary, middle and high schools.  LRS provides resources to CPS around waste management education.

The LRS mechanic team maintains and repairs our fleet for LRS to lead the way as an industry leader in environmentally conscious waste and recycling solutions.  Due to the shortage of viable mechanics, LRS launched the LRS/Universal Technical Institute (UTI) Early Employment Program.  The program employs UTI students as ‘Mechanics in Training’ and pairs them with experienced ‘Mentor Mechanics.’  Every month, ‘Mechanics in Training’ learn new skills in an LRS garage. When students graduate from UTI they are offered a full-time position with LRS. This program benefits LRS as a company and community by creating jobs and preparing our future workforce.