As the nation’s leader in recycling and waste diversion programs, roll-off container service and waste removal, LRS considers the recycle component of our industry to be the area that we can create the most positive change. To that end, LRS provides a sustainable business model that is entirely built on increased recycling and waste diversion.

Sustainable Mission

LRS vows to be a sustainable partner for our community. We understand that the waste industry faces a great deal of ecological responsibility and choose to embrace that responsibility. Our commitment allows us to uncover innovative solutions that will help keep our communities clean and more sustainable.

Single-stream Recycling

LRS holds some of the most advanced single-stream recycling systems throughout the nation. Single-stream recycling eliminates the need to sort most recyclable household items. Under the single-stream program, one can co-mingle allowable items into one container. Our single-stream recycling facilities allow us to sort, separate and allocate many tons of material in a short amount of time.

Environmentally-responsible Vehicles

As LRS continues to grow, the amount of eco-conscious vehicles increases as well. We began purchasing Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) trucks in 2011. Since then, we have standardized our entire fleet to include environmental-friendly clean diesel and CNG vehicles.

Community Education & Outreach

In terms of significance to our environment, we feel it is our duty to educate the communities we serve on the best methods to achieve recycling success. Through community education, we remain an active voice for environmental change. Year-round, LRS partners with charities, organizations and schools to make a difference in our communities along with educating the public on recycling practices. Our company aims to show dedication not only to the services we provide, but to the people we work with.