Green Trends in the Hospitality Industry

Green Trends in the Hospitality Industry

Here at Lakeshore Recycling Systems, we’ve noticed that more industries are working on green initiatives lately. One of those industries is the hospitality sector, since hotels can create a lot of waste. Think of the tiny shampoo bottles and the water it takes to wash all the towels or clean the plates used to deliver room service. Think of how much energy it must take to keep a hotel at a comfortable temperature and accommodate every customer’s electricity needs. Now more companies in the hospitality industry are working on ways to be more sustainable.

Energy-Efficient Lighting

One way for a hotel to become greener is by opting for more efficient lighting. Think of how many light bulbs are present in even a small hotel. Replacing all of these bulbs with new, more efficient ones can drastically reduce energy use. As more and more hotels opt for efficient LED lighting, the reduction in energy consumption will be significant.

Water Conservation Efforts

Each hotel room has a sink, a toilet, and a shower, at the very least. Multiply that by how many rooms are in the hotel itself, and you’ll realize just how much water one of these buildings can use. That’s why it’s encouraging to see more hotels utilizing equipment that can reduce water usage. Low flush toilets, modified sinks with low flow faucets and low flow showerheads can all dramatically reduce how much water a person uses during their stay.

Many hotels are also taking steps to conserve water outside of individual hotel rooms. Taking a simple step of covering up a swimming pool while it’s not in use could help conserve water. Some hotels are also making an effort to use less water in landscaping operations. They can keep their flowers and grass looking great, without detrimental environmental effects.

New Recycling Programs

Some hotels are also making sure that guests can recycle more, instead of simply throwing everything in one tiny trash can. Making sure that customers can recycle paper, plastics, and glass and making it easy and obvious can make a big difference. Many hotels are even experimenting with more advanced programs that can handle batteries, light bulbs, cardboard, and more. These small steps can really assist in major waste diversion efforts.

Solar Thermal Systems

Solar energy is catching on in some areas, but the rays from the sun could also have another use for the hospitality industry. Solar thermal systems can be used to heat water in hotels, including the water that comes out of your showerhead and even the water that fills the swimming pool. It may not be widespread just yet, but we wouldn’t be surprised to see this technology spread to more hotels in warmer climates.

New Amenity Dispensers

The small plastic containers that hold hotel toiletries, like shampoo and body wash, can end up being a big source of waste, but some hotels are tackling this by installing amenity dispensers instead. These can give you the shampoo, body wash, or lotion you need, without leaving a lot of garbage behind.

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