How to Encourage Your Tenants to Recycle

How to Encourage Your Tenants to Recycle

Here at Lakeshore Recycling Systems, we know that many people do everything they can to live a greener lifestyle. You know what materials can be recycled and you know that we have the facilities and equipment needed to recycle it. But how do you encourage others to follow the same path?

This is an especially big issue for anyone who owns a building. Whether you own an apartment building, a home, or an office, you want to make sure that your tenants recycle whenever possible. In many cases renters end up recycling less of their waste than homeowners due to a number of factors. Here are a few ways to encourage proper waste recycling behaviors.

Provide Proper Containers

This is an obvious one. If you have different bins in your building, make sure that they are properly labeled. Make it easy to see where trash goes and where recyclable materials go. It may even be worthwhile to provide your tenants with smaller containers that can occupy their apartment or office. This can give them a nearby reminder about recycling and prevent them from just throwing a recyclable object in with the trash without thinking. When they go into their kitchen to throw out a can or newspaper, they’ll notice the recycling bins and put them in one of those instead.


Simply posting a flyer or talking to your tenants about recycling can help. Put up posters on the property to make sure that they know recycling bins are available. You can even list what kind of items are recyclable in each bin to simplify things. Encourage them to ask you questions if there’s any confusion. The more your tenants know, the more likely they are to contribute to your recycling efforts.

Ask For Feedback

When you encourage your tenants to ask questions, you can also encourage them to give you feedback. They can let you know if anything it unclear. When you know what your tenants need, you can more easily help them and boost recycling rates at the same time. You can also ask if they have suggestions of their own.

You may think that your waste recycling program is perfect, but a little bit of feedback can’t hurt. Your tenants are at your property every day, so they might also notice factors that you wouldn’t. Your tenant’s feedback can be invaluable to your recycling efforts.

Treat Your Tenants Well

Someone renting an office or home will generally be more responsive to their property manager’s concerns if they like them. If you treat your tenants well, they’ll probably be more apt to take the extra effort to meet your recycling goals. If your building feels more like a community, going green will feel more like a shared goal.

Whether you’re renting out a residential building or an office, you can contact us at 773-685-8811 for all of your business recycling needs in Chicago. We make it easy to run a greener building.

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