How To Reduce Your Office’s Electronic Waste

How To Reduce Your Office’s Electronic Waste

Electronic waste, or e-waste, is a hot topic these days. As we use more and more electronic devices, eventually they need to be disposed of. This is especially true in an office, where you could end up disposing of outdated equipment like fax machines, computers, and more. office space

Here at Lakeshore Recycling Systems we use our expertise to help homes and businesses deal with their waste and recycling issues. We can also help you avoid the pileup of so much e-waste in the first place. There are a few ways that your office can reduce how much electronic waste it creates, and there are many reasons that this is an important effort.

Why Is Reducing E-Waste Important?

The electronic devices you use every day are made using rare, valuable materials. It takes a lot of energy to create the plastic parts that encase your computer or phone. It takes energy to mine the materials and resources commonly used to build electronic devices. By properly disposing of e-waste you can ensure that these materials get recycled and have a second life. You can also take some steps to make sure that you’re not creating more e-waste than necessary.

Tips for Reducing Your Office’s Electronic Waste

Repair Equipment

When it comes to electronic devices, your office shouldn’t be so quick to throw them away. If your once shiny and new equipment is running into issues, see if you can repair it before you throw it away. A repair could be less expensive than you would think. You’ll end up not having to buy new equipment, and you won’t be adding to the amount of electronic waste that your office is creating.

Change How You Order Devices

When you’re ordering computers and other equipment, find companies that have end-of-life plans for their products. Some will take them back and recycle them for you. If you can’t find a manufacturer like that for every device, know your local recycling laws and buy electronics that won’t just end up in a landfill.

Donate What You Can

If you really do need to upgrade a piece of equipment, why not donate the old one? Just because it doesn’t suit your purposes anymore, that doesn’t mean someone else can’t find a use for it. A copy machine that doesn’t work as fast as you’d like can still find a second home in a church or other environment where it doesn’t need to be as quick or ready to take care of high-volume jobs.


If you have a computer or other electronic device that just isn’t going to be useful to anyone, it’s time to recycle it. Throwing electronics in a landfill just isn’t good for the environment, but recycling them can ensure that any recoverable materials find a second life elsewhere.

Buy High-Quality Devices

Another way to reduce your e-waste is by not being cheap when you acquire equipment. Better electronics will last longer, which means you end up throwing away less over time. You’ll contribute less to landfills and you won’t have to worry about headaches from dealing with sub-par equipment.

Whether you’re in a home or office, contact your Chicago waste removal experts with any questions you have about e-waste and recycling.

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