Lakeshore Recycling Systems celebrates America Recycles Day

Lakeshore Recycling Systems celebrates America Recycles Day

EachScreen Shot 2017-10-31 at 3.30.02 PM year, America Recycles Day raises sustainability awareness on November 15. This national holiday was created in 1997 to encourage our nation to recycle more, reduce waste production and buy recycled products. The day raises awareness of how Americans can recycle more as well as the impacts recycling has on our planet. This year you can participate in America Recycles Day by signing up for the #BeRecycled pledge and using the hashtag on social media to tell your friends and family how you plan to incorporate recycling into your life. Below are some ways that you can recycle on a day-to-day basis.

Learn what you can and cannot recycle

Many people do not know which items can and cannot be recycled, so researching what items your local recycling or waste company collects can make a huge difference in your recycling efforts. Don’t be afraid to contact your recycling collector to find out if one of your items is recyclable or not, and Lakeshore is always happy to help.

Buy recycled products

An easy way to introduce recycling into your life is by buying products that are recycled or buying from companies that include sustainability into all of their business practices. Doing this not only helps you recycle but also encourages companies to sell recycled products and change the way they operate to be more environmentally friendly.

Limit your food waste

A recent study from the National Resources Defense Council (NRDC) said that 68% of food waste from households was still edible when thrown out. By making sure that most of the food you throw out is inedible that will reduce the amount of waste that is produced. When you do have to throw out food waste try utilizing a system like Lakeshore’s aerobic digester or a compost program so that your food waste can be converted into high-grade fertilizer used to help plants grow and thrive.

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By integrating these few tips into your life, recycling can be something that you do every day. Taking small steps towards sustainability really makes a difference in preserving the environment, which is the goal of America Recycles Day. Changing the world to be more sustainable starts with you.

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