Lakeshore Recycling Systems is Awarded the Biggest Safety Improvement Award for the Third Year in a Row

Lakeshore Recycling Systems is Awarded the Biggest Safety Improvement Award for the Third Year in a Row

On Thursday, August 1, 2019, the Solid Waste Association of North America awarded Lakeshore with the Biggest Safety Improvement Award for the third consecutive year. Last year, Lakeshore received the Biggest Safety Improvement Award in the Technical Division of Communication, Education and Marketing and the Overall Safety Award from SWANA. This year, Lakeshore was honored with the Biggest Safety Improvement Award and one other organization was honored with the Biggest Safety Innovation Award.

SWANA’s Safety Awards program highlights top companies, agencies and facilities who have made excellence in safety attainable through creative strategies and overall commitment.

Lakeshore was set apart by other entrants for its Live Safety principle. This corporate philosophy focuses on education and communication outreach to not only all of Lakeshore’s 920 employees but their families, friends and the general public about the importance of safety. It encourages the overall community to consider a safety mindset no matter the setting, whether at work or at home.

“We are extremely honored and thankful to be recognized for our safety efforts for the third year in a row by SWANA. Safety is truly a value within our company and it is our goal to spread the importance of safety beyond just all of our employees,” said John Sliwicki, Lakeshore’s Vice President of Risk Management. “Live Safety is not just a campaign but a philosophy that creates a personal culture which instills a lifestyle change with anyone that learns about the message. This is why Lakeshore strives to expand the philosophy past our employees and to their families and our communities to encourage safety at all times.”

Over the past year, Lakeshore has made continual strides to strengthen this program. The Live Safety principle uses communication tools such as flyers, postcards and social media to spread the philosophy past LRS employees.

“Safety is at the forefront of everything we do as a company which is why it is a core value to LRS. With the waste industry being one of the most dangerous industries in the nation, increasing the education of safety through social media and communication materials is crucial to spreading the message of safety’s importance to others,” said Meaghan Johnson, Lakeshore’s Director of Marketing. “The partnership of Lakeshore Marketing and Safety departments are a key component to furthering Lakeshore’s safety message past employees and to our communities.”

This marks the fourth year that SWANA has recognized excellence in solid waste safety through the Safety Awards program. Award winners will be honored at WASTECON® this year in Phoenix, Arizona.



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