Lakeshore Recycling Systems is the Only Waste Hauler Recognized by the Daily Herald Business Ledger Award for Innovation in Business

Lakeshore Recycling Systems is the Only Waste Hauler Recognized by the Daily Herald Business Ledger Award for Innovation in Business

On March 2, 2018, Lakeshore Recycling Systems (LRS) was awarded the 28th Annual Awards for Business Excellence (AABEs) in Innovation in Business from the Daily Herald Business Ledger.  The AABEs recognizes business achievement, growth and community involvement from suburban based companies in Chicagoland.

There was a total of 26 companies that were honored over seven different award categories. LRS was one of three companies recognized by the innovation in business category and was the largest company by employee count out of the three winners.

“Creating innovative and sustainable waste diversion solutions for our customers has and always will be at the forefront of everything we do. Our core mission of sustainability differentiates LRS from our competition. Our innovative and breakthrough technologies help improve service delivery accuracy, operational safety and the quality our customers rightfully expect,” said Alan T. Handley, LRS’ CEO. “Unlike the majority of all waste collection companies deriving their revenue by owning and depositing waste into landfills, LRS differentiates by proving that socially responsible and environmentally sustainable practices are good for business—the more we recycle and divert from landfills the more we earn and grow.”

From opening our first single-stream recycling center, to adding Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology into some customers’ containers and to introducing the first privately-held aerobic digester in the nation; the use of ground-breaking technology is a core part of LRS’ identity and the reason for being awarded the AABEs in innovation in business.

LRS opened our first single-steam recycling center in March 2016. In the two years since its unveiling, it has increased the number of high-grade residential and commercial recyclables. This facility allocates over 20 tons of waste per hour. Due to this expanded recycling effort, recycling across Chicagoland has significantly increased.

LRS was the first privately-held waste and recycling company in the nation to implement RFID technology in August 2016 to aid in billing certain municipal customers and tracking when containers were serviced by using a tag that is embedded into their waste containers. Customers are only billed when their waste is collected.

In September 2017, LRS introduced the first privately-held aerobic digester in the United States used to convert food scraps and landscape waste into a nutrient-rich fertilizer. The aerobic digester produces zero methane gas, zero water pollution and zero odor, which are all typically produced when organic waste goes to landfills. LRS was the first private company to utilize the aerobic digester technology in waste diversion.

LRS is always looking for ways to integrate new technology into our sustainability efforts. With our promise to not own a landfill, innovation is encouraged and what truly sets us apart from other waste haulers. We know that the best way to make a difference is by coming up with new ideas to better the communities we service and the rest of the world.

Award winners will be honored at a reception on March 29, 2018. To learn more about the award, read the press release here.



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