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Residential waste & recycling services

In a contract that went into effect on May 1, 2017, LRS provides waste and recycling services to the residents of Highwood. LRS is also the current commercial waste hauler for the City of Highwood, which went into effect January 1, 2016.

Organics program

In addition to standard garbage and recycling removal, this contract includes a year-round organics program (food scrap/landscape). Highwood is one of the first cities in the State of Illinois to offer this service. In this program, food scraps can be co-mingled with yard waste in a separate third cart.

Residents are provided a 95-gallon recycling cart, a 65-gallon garbage cart and a 35-gallon organics cart. Once the organics cart is collected, LRS will transport the organics to be recycled into compost. LRS is proud to service Highwood’s 5,405 residents.

Highwood Residential Yard Waste

Highwood & the environment

The land that makes up Highwood, Illinois was originally owned by the Potawatomi Indians, until 1833, when it was ceded to the United States. It was also home to Fort Sheridan, an active training ground during World War 2. The city has flourished since then and has become an attraction for North Shore dining and nightlife.

As we continue to expand and enhance our services we are in a very good position to provide the businesses and residents of Highwood exceptional service. Our roll-off dumpster service, portable bathrooms, on-site storage containers, street sweepers, mulch and recycling and transfer center are all the best in the waste management business.

Compared to other waste management companies, there are a few things that separate us in the eyes and hearts of Highwood residents and businesses.

First, they know they can trust us. For nearly 20 years we have built an impeccable reputation by providing outstanding customers service, fair pricing, on time deliveries and pickups and an unwavering commitment to the environment.

Second, we are a trusted partner. We provide free consultations designed to make sure you have the right suite of services to complete you residential or commercial project. When you call one of our experts they will ask all the right questions which will enable them to give you the best advice.

Finally, we have a strong commitment to the environment and community. We have made significant investments in technology that enables us to separate and sort all the materials brought to our recycling and transfer center. Our investments in machinery that helps us to more efficiently recycle waste and debris, is a clear indication that we are relentlessly focused on green recycling practices.

Please reach out to our dedicated Customer Service Center at 773-685-8811
with any questions. Or, feel free to visit our recycling and transfer center in Northbrook.

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