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Unincorporated Kaneville Township Residential Waste & Recycling Services

Effective July 1, 2019, DC Recycling Systems (DCRS) is the exclusive service provider for garbage, recycling and yard waste services for residents in Kaneville Township.

DCRS is very proud to partner with the Kaneville Township community and looking forward to providing you excellent service for years to come. DC Recycling Systems is located in Cortland, IL and is a LRS company.

Garbage and recycling will be collected on Tuesday, every week, in Kaneville Township. Service times may vary. Please have all materials placed curbside by 7AM to ensure collection.

White Good (Appliance) Collection Days

DC Recycling Systems (DCRS/LRS) will provide a white good or appliance collection day for Unincorporated Kaneville Township households beginning at 7:00 AM on the days listed below. This collection is provided for current DCRS residential customers residing in the unincorporated area of Kaneville Township. Residents may place unwanted white goods out for collection at no charge.


  • Residents are to contact DCRS/LRS and schedule collection 24 hours prior to collection day to ensure pick up.
  • Items need to be placed curbside by 7:00 a.m. on collection day.


To schedule white good collection for one of the upcoming dates shown below, please email or call DCRS/LRS customer care:


Request Deadline: NOTIFY LRS before 5 pm
on the following dates
Collection Date
Thursday, May 23, 2024Tuesday, May 28, 2024
Thursday, October 17, 2024Tuesday, October 22, 2024
Thursday, May 22, 2025Tuesday, May 27, 2025
Thursday, October 23, 2025Tuesday, October 28, 2025
Thursday, May 21, 2026Tuesday, May 26, 2026
Thursday, October 22, 2026Tuesday, October 27, 2026
Thursday, May, 20 2027Tuesday, May 25, 2027
Thursday, October 21, 2027Tuesday, October 26, 2027
Thursday, May 18, 2028Tuesday, May 23, 2028
Thursday, October 19, 2028Tuesday, October 24, 2028
Thursday, May 17, 2029Tuesday, May 22, 2029
Thursday, October 18, 2029Tuesday, October 23, 2029
Thursday, May 23, 2030Tuesday, May 28, 2030
Thursday, October 17, 2030Tuesday, October 22, 2030
Thursday, May 22 2031Tuesday, May 27, 2031

White Goods Include the Following Items

  • Air Conditioner
  • Dishwasher
  • Clothes Dryer
  • Freezer
  • Refrigerator
  • Kitchen Stove
  • Water Heater
  • Washing Machine
  • Trash Compactor
  • Microwave Oven
  • Induction Cooker


The following are excluded from this special service offering: Village of Kaneville residents, non-residential Unincorporated Kaneville Township businesses of any kind, addresses with outstanding or unpaid balances owed to DCRS exceeding 30 days.


White Good Collection Day(s) will be held twice per year beginning in 2020 with dates to be announced.  Dates will be posted for future collections on the LRS website at LRSrecycles.com/KanevilleTownship.

Invoices, Payments & Rate Increases

Invoices are sent in advance on a quarterly basis for services. Late fees will apply for payments received late. As nearly all costs associated with providing the service increase on a regular basis, rates are increased on an annual basis in July.

Auto-Payment Option

DCRS offers an auto-pay option for residents who choose to establish this method of payment. Once you receive an invoice from DC, you may choose this option. If you would like to elect for auto pay, you may do so by going to Payments@LRSrecycles.com. New users will create a user name and password.

Mail Payment

The mailing address for payments is:


PO BOX 4700

CAROL STREAM  IL 60197-4700

Online Payment

To pay online, please visit: DCtrashillinois.com/pay-online

Garbage Carts & Collection

New Garbage & Recycle Carts Will Be Delivered To Your Home!

Kaneville Township residents will be automatically be provided with 95-gallon garbage cart and a 65-gallon recycle cart. These sturdy carts are on wheels, have a hinged flip-top lid and a handle bar.


Residents are to use the issued cart. If you currently have DC Recycling Systems as your service provider (prior to July 1, 2019), we will exchange your old carts with new carts. If you prefer to keep the carts you have, please contact our customer service to let them know. Residents may request a 65-gallon cart for garbage and/or a 95-gallon cart for recycling, if preferred. DCRS also offers additional waste carts in various sizes for $3.00 per month (six month rental minimum required per cart). N ew residents need to call DCRS and set up service and receive the complimentary carts.

Kaneville Township Residential Waste & Recycling

If you would like to request a different size cart, please visit our online cart selection web portal to select the cart sizes and review other available options. It’s user-friendly and fast. You may also call our customer service to request different cart sizes

Resident Owned Containers

Additional garbage or recycling that does not fit in the DCRS cart may be placed neatly at the curb in waste containers. If using your own container for additional waste, it must have two handles and not exceed 35-gallons or 50 pounds when full, for safety reasons. If an item or items are not safe or acceptable for the driver to manage, they may be left behind with a sticker providing an explanation.

Kaneville Township Garbage Collection

There is no limit to the amount of garbage that can be placed out for collection so long as it is properly contained and placed at the curb. D CRS containers must be used first. Excess garbage may be placed in a Resident Owned Container.


Loose trash or loose piles of trash will not be collected. Standard loose (13 to 30 gallons) garbage bags will be accepted so long as they are less than 50 lbs. We encourage the use of containers to prevent unwanted varmints and loose trash from blowing.

Recycling Carts & Co-Mingled Collection

Unlimited Recycle Collection

There is no limit to the amount of properly prepared containerized (acceptable) recycle materials that can be placed out for collection. Recycling needs to be properly prepared in accordance with the recycling guideline. All food-based recyclable containers should be rinsed. Plastic bags are not recyclable, and should not be placed in recycling carts. Click here for a DCRS Recycle Guide.

What Is Recyclable & What Is Not Recyclable?

Not all recyclable materials are necessarily recyclable with the curbside collection. Recyclable materials collected with the curbside program are taken to a material recovery facility with equipment designed to handle certain materials. Plastic grocery bags and shredded paper, for example, will damage the equipment used to sort materials. Feel free to call our customer service if you ever have questions about recycling. We are a recycling company and happy to help!

Electronic Waste Collection

Electronic Waste (E-waste)

Certain electronics are banned f rom landfills and require special disposal. M any electronics do not require special disposal and should be recycled or disposed of with the regular garbage. DCRS does offer proper management of the E-Waste items banned from the landfill. Contact our customer service for more information. Electronic Waste (E-Waste) items that are banned from the landfill include the following items: Computer mice, computer monitors, computers, digital converter boxes, digital video disc players, digital video disc recorders, fax machines, keyboards, portable digital music players, printers, satellite receivers, scanners, small scale servers, televisions, video game consoles, and videocassette recorders.

Construction Material/debris

DCRS will collect small quantities of construction material that is containerized, either in the DCRS garbage cart or a 35 gallon (or less) container with two handles, not to exceed 50 pounds in weight. DCRS will accept manageable bundles that are tied on both ends and fastened. Bundles may not exceed four feet in length and width and be under 2’ in height. (4’L x 4’W x 2’H). Loose piles on construction debris will not be accepted. Construction materials/debris may not exceed the equivalent of 5 standard (35 gallon or less) garbage containers or 2 cubic yards. Special collections are available for excess materials and DCRS will provide an estimate. Contact our customer service to receive an estimate and arrange for special collection. We may charge by the cubic yard or by the item, depending on what it is. Kaneville Township residents will receive a discounted rate as a preferred community partner.

Appliance Collection (Also Known As White Goods)

Collected twice per year in May and October.


Appliances, such as a washer, dryer, refrigerator, stove, water softener, heater or freezer, are restricted from regular garbage collection. DCRS is providing collection of household quantities for Kaneville Township residents twice per year. The special collection will take place every year the last full week of May and the last full week of October, on collection day.


Items containing refrigerant or chlorofluorocarbons, sometimes referred to as Freon, must be completely evacuated. DCRS recommends contacting a professional to ensure proper evacuation of any hazardous liquids or gases. Items collected that still contain Freon will result in an additional charge to the resident as DC is charged to properly manage it. DCRS will collect appliances for a special charge if you would like to make an arrangement outside of the two appliance collection days in May and October. Please call our customer service to receive an estimate and arrange for collection.

Kaneville Township Yard Waste Collection-optional Service

Yard waste or landscape debris is an optional service DCRS is now offering to Kaneville Township residents once per month from June through November, every year. The collection will be on the last Tuesday of the month during these months. The cost for the program is $220.00 per season, paid in advance. Contact our customer service for more information or to establish yard waste service.


Resident Owned Containers and Biodegradable Yard Waste Bags Residents may use a waste container with two handles, not to exceed 35-gallons, marked with an “X” or “YARD WASTE”. Residents may also use biodegradable lawn, landscape, or yard waste bags. Containers or bags may not exceed the 50 pound weight limit each.


Yard waste includes grass clippings, leaves, branches and brush and other yard and garden trimmings, vines, garden plants and flowers, weeds, tree droppings (pine cones and crabapples) and other similar organic waste materials accumulated as a result of the cultivation and maintenance of lawns, shrubbery, vines, trees and gardens.


Organic Food Scrap may be mixed in with yard waste during the yard waste season.


Organic Food Scrap includes: bread, cereal, coffee grounds, dairy, egg shells, eggs, fruits, grain, pasta, shells, and vegetables.


Unacceptable materials include sod, dirt, Christmas trees and wreath greenery/garland is not considered yard waste.

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