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Western Springs refuse, recycling & yard waste collection program

LRS became the Village of Western Springs’ waste and recycling hauler on January 1, 2020.

LRS provides Village Western Springs residents with services for refuse (garbage), recycling and yard waste.  LRS offers many other services for Western Springs residents including electronic waste recycling and disposal, organic food scrap compost service,  Annual Clean-Up Day, portable restrooms and large, open top construction style containers.  We are proud to be a partner in your community!

Western Springs Program Brochure:

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For more information on the program, please click through the tabs below.


General Collection Guidelines

LRS services the village Tuesdays-Fridays.

All garbage, recycling and yard waste will be serviced between 7AM and 5PM on collection days. Please have your carts out for service between 7PM the night before service, and 7AM on your collection day. Carts should be removed from the curbside by 7PM on collection days.


Service Schedule


Click here to view/print collection schedule.

If you have additional garbage that will not fit into your cart, you must use a garbage sticker for each bag or item outside of the cart.  Stickers can be purchased at Village Hall, or Jewel, Mariano’s or True Value.  There is no limit on the amount of bags that can be collected, as long as each bag has a sticker.  Please note: garbage mixed with yard waste / leaves / grass clippings cannot be taken as waste.

LRS will provide residents with one recycling cart at no cost that will be collected weekly on the same day as your waste. Residents may place out as many recyclable items as they wish each week for collection. Recyclable material that won’t fit in recycling carts may be placed at the side of the cart. Larger or bulky boxes must be broken down before collection.

Acceptable Recyclables

Please be sure to properly prepare acceptable materials before placing them in your recycle cart using the guidelines found in “Additional Recycle Guidelines.”


  • Newspaper & inserts, Magazines, Catalogs & Phone books
  • Computer printouts
  • Hanging file folders (remove metal and trash it)
  • Glossy brochures
  • Index cards
  • Stationery fax paper
  • Envelopes
  • Junk mail
  • Cardboard boxes
  • Brown paper grocery bags
  • Office paper/notebooks
  • Pastel sticky notes
  • Greeting cards
  • Manila Folders
  • Chipboard/paperboard
  • Paperback books

Recyclable items must be clean.

  • NO used paper plates or pizza boxes, or fluorescent paper (they contaminate the paper stream with food, dye, or plastic coating). If pizza box top is clean you can tear it off and recycle it.
  • NO paper towels, tissues, or napkins, which are not recyclable because the fibers are too small to reuse (please compost them with kitchen food scraps if possible).
  • NO shredded paper – Loose shredded paper causes major sorting problems in the recycling facilities.
  • NO frozen food boxes, which are made of a hybrid of paper and plastic, and are not wanted by paper mills.
  • NO paper cups, which are also made of a hybrid of paper and plastic rendering them unrecyclable.

Plastic Containers

Plastic bottles, Plastic tubs and Plastic jugs

  • NO plastic bags or plastic film (plastic wraps, sandwich bags, freezer bags, tarps).
  • NO plastic utensils or plates (plastic wraps, sandwich bags, freezer bags, tarps, cups, lids or straws).
  • NO candy wrappers, cereal bags, potato chip bags or snack bags.
  • NO empty motor oil, pesticide or chemical bottles.
  • NO Styrofoam, polystyrene (do not put in curbside bin).


  • Empty, Rinse, Do not crush or flatten, Leave caps and tabs on
  • Food and Drink Cartons
  • Milk, Soup and Juice

Aluminum Cans & Foil

  • Empty, Rinse, Do not crush or flatten
  • Aluminum cans
  • Aluminum foil (ball clean foil to 2 inches or larger, no flat foil or small balled up foil
  • Pie plates & trays

Glass Bottles & Jars

  • All colors are accepted
  • NO window or auto glass, bakeware, ceramics, mirrors, light bulbs, coffee pots or drinking glasses.

Residents should continue to use brown (kraft) bags for yard waste disposal.  Each bag will require one sticker.  LRS also offers a subscription option, in which residents will be provided a yard waste cart.

Yard waste that will not fit into a brown bag or cart will need to be bundled in units that are no longer than 4’ and 18” in diameter.  Each stack will require one waste sticker for removal.  Yard waste in plastic bags will not be accepted.

Western Springs includes organics/food scraps/compost service. Please click the links below to learn more about what food scraps are acceptable.

Yard Waste and Food Scraps

Food and Compostables

Bulk items are items that are too large to fit into your waste cart and under 60 pounds in weight.  Each bulk item requires three (3) waste stickers affixed. Electronic goods and white goods are not considered bulk items.

Carpet rolls may be no longer than 4’ and 18” in diameter, and will require three (3) waste stickers per roll.

Small construction up to 1 yard of material may be placed out for bulk item pickup. The construction must be stacked or bundled no longer than 4 feet and 18 inches in diameter and no more than 60 pounds. Each stack/ bundle will require three (3) waste stickers.

If an item is too large, or an item that is not allowable to take, special arrangements may need to be made.

White goods are appliances containing CFC, HCFC, PCBs mercury switches or other hazardous components. Examples: refrigerators, air conditioners and humidifiers. These items will require ten (10) waste stickers to be collected. All white goods will be collected on a separate truck, and will need to be scheduled.

Do-it-yourself construction
For your more intensive and larger ‘Do-it-Yourself’ jobs, or general home renovations and clean-outs, LRS offers a range of roll-off boxes – including 10 yds, 15 yds, 20 yds, and 30yd sizes.  You simply need to follow this link to request pricing. Click here.

HHW products are flammable, toxic, corrosive and/or reactive, and can pose a harmful threat or damage to the environment when disposed of improperly. Items like paint, pesticides, poisons, cleaning solvents, old or tainted gasoline, used oil and other automotive fluids are considered to be hazardous, and should not be included with your regular household waste.

Under the Village’s new agreement with LRS, residents have an ala carte option of properly disposing of electronic waste. This includes one smaller electronic item, mouse, keyboard, telephone (one sticker); Bundle/Brown Bag not to exceed 15”x15”x15” (five stickers); Television or Monitor (10 stickers per item). For TVs 32″ or more, please call 844-NEED-LRS prior to pickup so arrangements can be made.

Annually, the Village hosts a Household Clean-up day, with services provided by LRS, allowing residents to dispose of household items including clothing, draperies, books, furniture, scrap metal and appliances (household garbage, electronics, landscape waste, liquids, tires, batteries, medical waste and construction and demolition debris are not eligible). No registration is required for this service. All items for disposal must be on the curb by 7 am the morning of collection day.


Each year, the Village hosts an annual Household Clean-Up Day, allowing residents to dispose of an unlimited amount of household items. Please go to the calendar for the exact date of the event.

 Acceptable Items

Non-acceptable Items

  • Household items
  • Bulk items (furniture, bicycles)
  • Large appliances
  • Carpet (must be cut down to four feet in length, securely bundled and no more than 60 pounds in weight)
  • Clothing
  • Draperies
  • Mattresses (must be plastic-wrapped)
  • Mirrors/glass (must be unbroken or wrapped/boxed)
  • Household garbage
  • Construction and demolition debris
  • Scrap wood, lumber, railroad ties
  • Electronic items (televisions, computers, monitors, printers)
  • Concrete, asphalt rocks, bricks
  • Lawn mowers, snow blowers, boats, snow mobiles
  • Paint (oil or latex)
  • Car parts
  • Tires
  • Vehicle batteries
  • Motor oil or other liquids
  • Ammunition or explosives
  • Radioactive materials
  • Yard waste

No registration is required for this service. Items may be placed at the curb after 6 pm on the day before the event and no later than 7 am on the morning of the event. Any questions, should be directed to LRS at 773-685-8811.

Invoices are sent out to Western Springs residents on a quarterly basis on or around the 15th of the month prior to a new quarter (March 15th, June 15th, September 15th and December 15th).

As a means to be environmentally friendly, we encourage you to pay electronically.  For those residents taking advantage of this option, you may choose to pay with an automatic bank draw or via ACH transfer from an account that you authorize.

Stickers will be needed for yard waste, extra garbage (outside of cart), bulk items and electronic waste.

Stickers can be purchased at Village Hall, Western Springs Mariano’s, Western Springs Village True Value Hardware, Western Springs Jewel, Countryside for a cost of $3.37 per sticker, as of January 1st, 2024.

  • Bulk Item = 3 stickers per unit
  • White Good = 10 stickers per unit
  • Electronic Waste = 1 sticker per single (small) item, 5 stickers per bundle within a brown paper bag, 10 stickers per television or monitor.


LRS offers an auto-pay option for residents who choose to establish this method of payment. Once you receive your first invoice from LRS you may choose this option. If you would like to elect for auto pay, you may do so by going to: LRS Bill Pay. You will be asked to create a user name and password.


The mailing address for payments is:

PO BOX 554892
DETROIT, MI 48255-4892

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