LRS Stands Down with NWRA for School Safety

LRS Stands Down with NWRA for School Safety

Safety is in the heart of everything we do at Lakeshore Recycling Systems and we strive to extend our safety value not just to our employees, but to families, customers and the fellow community.

4 Core Safety Values

We see safety as four core values: Value of Life, Value of Integrity, Value of Excellence and Value of the Greater Good. The Value of Life is about preservation and protection not just of our employees, but those impacted in the community. We educate employees that the safety tools learned on the job are essential in everyday life. Integrity represents the value of doing the right, honest thing in sometimes dangerous situations, and lastly, the Greater Good is the understanding that employee behavior and actions are not about the individual, but everyone affected. These transferable values showcase that safety is a team effort and a responsibility for each individual, knowing that just one person can affect many people.

Safety in Full Circle

Our safety values mean that we take opportunities to collaborate with other organizations to increase safety awareness. With back-to-school season coming up, significantly more vehicles will be on the roads. National Waste & Recycling Association (NWRA) took notice of the risks that could occur without proper school safety knowledge, and we could not be happier to have jumped on the bandwagon and helped promote this topic!

On Monday, July 31, NWRA held a 5-day event to promote safety on the roads during back-to-school season. According to NWRA, approximately 100 children in the United States are killed every year while walking to or from school and another 25,000 children sustain injuries as a result of school zone accidents. To spread school safety, NWRA offered several outlets to start a dialogue about the importance of this topic and what we can do to keep our communities safer.

To aid in NWRA’s efforts, we posted information each day during the week regarding school safety. See the wrap up of our safety information below!

A person, regardless of age, may not use a wireless telephone at any time while operating a motor vehicle on a roadway in a school speed zone.

Unintentional pedestrian injuries are the second leading cause of death in the United States for children ages 5 to 14. Students should always look both ways before crossing the street and cross at designated crosswalks. Never run into the street or cross between parked cars.

school-fact2Children spend a lot of time in the car when heading to school and for after school activities. Make sure children always wear their seat belt and put it on as soon as they get in the car. Children 12 years and younger should always ride in the back seat.

First time school bus riders may be nervous. Introduce yourself and your child to the bus driver on the first day of school to ensure your child gets on the right bus at the end of the day.


When you see a school bus prepare to stop, slow down immediately. Buses will signal to other drivers by flashing red lights and then putting up a stop sign. You are required by law to stop when this occurs. Be aware when children get off the bus because they may be crossing the street.


Safety campaigns such as this one truly make an impact on our surrounding communities. Spreading awareness on safety protocol is not just nice reminder, it’s a spark of motivation to keep the conversation going and continue to maintain safety standards in all aspects of life.

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