6 Reasons for New Mulch in Hoffman Estates, Illinois


6 Reasons for New Mulch in Hoffman Estates, Illinois

As a home or business owner, it is important to maintain the aesthetic of your property. While there are a number of different ways that you can do this, one of the easiest ways of doing so is by utilizing mulch.

However, mulch is not just an aesthetic entity. In addition to its aesthetic capabilities, mulch offers a number of benefits which serve to improve the health of your plants and your yard in general.

Let’s discuss those benefits. Here are 6 reasons to utilize mulch in Hoffman Estates, Illinois.

1. Feeds Your Plants

Plants require certain nutrients in order to grow and thrive. If they do not receive these nutrients, they will eventually die. While soil will typically provide the nutrients necessary for plants to grow, not all soils are created equally. Some types of soil are simply lacking in necessary nutrients.

How can you supplement the nutrients in soil such as this? With the use of mulch. As mulch breaks down, it releases vital nutrients into the soil, essentially feeding your plants.

2. Helps Store Water

You are likely well aware of the fact that plants need water in order to survive! While they can typically get this water from rainfall, in occasions of drought, they can sometimes struggle.

Fortunately, there is a way to ensure that water remains in the ground after it has fallen. By spreading mulch over your soil, you are helping retain water that has already seeped down into the soil. This ensures a much greater supply of water for your plants.

3. Eradicates Weeds

Nothing destroys an otherwise picturesque landscape quicker than the existence of weeds. Even a single weed sprouting from the surface of your soil can hinder your yard’s aesthetic.

While it is sometimes necessary to utilize weed killer to eliminate weeds, you can also stave off weeds with the use of mulch. Mulch will create a barrier between the soil and the earth’s surface, preventing weeds from ever presenting themselves visually.

4. Simplifies Landscaping

Let’s face it, mowing your lawn can be a tiring task. Unless you truly enjoy the act of mowing the lawn, it’s better to have less grass to mow than more. How can you mow less lawn without having to sell some of your land? By laying down mulch. The more mulch that exists within your yard, the less grass you will have to trim.

5. Catches Eyes

There are a number of different things you can do to make your yard stand out. However, one of the best methods is to lay down mulch. Regardless of what color mulch you use in your yard, it presents a nice contrast with your grass, creating a visually stimulating effect for those passing by or visiting your home.

6. Maintains Soil Temperature

Did you know that plants grow best when soil is at a specific temperature? In most cases, in order for plants to thrive, they require soil that measures in between 65°F and 75°F.

How can you help keep your soil at this temperature as much as possible? By laying down mulch.

In Need of Mulch in Hoffman Estates?

Are you interested in utilizing Mulch in Hoffman Estates, Illinois? If so, we here at Lakeshore Recycling Systems have you covered.

We offer four different colors of mulch. These colors include economy brown, premium red, double ground natural and premium brown. Made from 100% recycled hardwood, our mulch solutions provide all of the benefits reviewed above.

Contact us today to discuss your mulch needs!

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