Mulch Services in Chicago Mean Options for Your Landscaping Needs

Mulch Services in Chicago Mean Options for Your Landscaping Needs

When it comes to making your landscaping look great and you need mulch services, Chicago has plenty of options for you to consider. Mulch is cost effective, easy to use, and you can get plenty of it whether you’re a homeowner or a business owner. The mulch offered is from 100% recycled wood that used to be fences and buildings, so it’s good for the planet, too. When you choose mulch, you have some options. There are different colors you can select from to enhance the look of your yard or other location, and you can also work out a way to get the mulch from the facility to your home or business in the best way possible to meet your needs.

What Color Mulch Should You Choose?

Choosing the right color of mulch is important. Of course you can always change it, but it’s much easier and more economical to get the right color and look of mulch the first time. That way you can have it put down once and then just enjoy the way it looks all year long. LRS’ mulch is ground from double processed hardwood and color enhanced with a high-quality colorant that is resistant to fading as well as non-toxic. Not only does it look beautiful, but it’s safe for the environment! Mulch comes in:

  • Premium Brown – the best quality mulch in a rich brown color, to work with a lot of different color schemes.
  • Premium Red – the best quality mulch in a deep red, making a bolder statement and contrasting very well with greenery.
  • Premium Black – the best quality mulch in a darkened to a black to make a statement and contrast in the landscape.
  • Triple Ground Brown – a finer mulch in a natural wood color, when you want other things in the area to be a focal point.

Why Do Different Mulch Choices Matter?

Having more than one mulch color and style gives you options to choose from, so your landscaping contrasts with your yard and home, and complements everything near it. You can make mulch stand out or choose something that blends in, just depending on what you want to show and the kind of look you’re going for. Many people want mulch that makes a statement and adds color to their landscaping, while others would prefer mulch that blends in and does its job without being the star of the show. No matter which option you like, reaching out to us can give you the information you need to choose mulch you love.

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