Outer Little Rock Area

Schaumburg: Garbage, Recycling, Yard Waste Collection Program

We are excited to announce that Ramco Waste is now combining with LRS to bring the Outer Little Rock Area superior waste management solutions. Here at LRS, we concentrate on providing businesses, municipalities, cities, and states with quick and effective waste management services including, but not limited to, special waste management, commercial street sweeping, and scheduled pickups, among many other valuable services.


Adamant about maintaining sustainable and eco-friendly workflows, our LRS team is celebrated for being thorough and mindful of their approach to waste management. Moreover, we are celebrated for adapting to the individual requirements of each client we serve to ensure everyone receives the services they need. We are committed to making sure each completed job checks all of the boxes for the betterment of the community and environment.


The Outer Little Rock Area residents can expect us to shift to using blue vehicles to complete our waste management projects. In addition, we will be moving our services from the Ramco Waste website to the LRS website. You will not only receive the same quality services as before, but you will also benefit from the added expertise of LRS!