On-site Storage vs Off-site Storage: A Comparison


On-site Storage vs Off-site Storage: A Comparison

Perhaps you need somewhere to store some of your possessions during a move? Maybe you need to store some items over a long period of time? If so, you might consider renting some storage space.

The question is: what type of storage should you rent? Should you opt for an on-site storage rental in Schaumburg, Illinois, or for an off-site storage room?

To help you make your decision, we’re going to compare the two storage options, assessing the pros and cons of each.

On-site Storage


1. Convenient to Use

If you’re looking for convenience in your storage rental container, look no further than on-site storage containers. These containers can be dropped off at essentially any location you desire, requiring very little work from you. When you need to store or retrieve something inside of them, you can simply walk to its location and do so.

Off-site storage does not offer this benefit. Regardless of what you’re storing in an off-site storage unit, you’ll likely have to commute to the unit in order to complete your task.

2. Secure

There is a common misconception that on-site storage containers lack security. However, we are here to ensure you that on-site storage units provide top-notch security capabilities.

Most on-site storage containers are made out of nearly impenetrable steel and are secured with double locks. Unless someone has some seriously heavy-duty tools to work with, they will not be able to break into an on-site storage container.

3. Portable

If you’re looking for portable storage, there are two main options: storage trucks and on-site storage containers. Storage containers can be loaded onto any trailer, allowing them to be transferred with general ease. Off-site storage does not accommodate portability.


1. Poorly Lit

In some cases, on-site storage containers will lack light. This can sometimes make it difficult to see into them, particularly at night. However, as long as you have a flashlight, this shouldn’t pose much of a problem.

Off-site Storage


1. Well Lit

Whereas on-site storage containers lack light, established, off-site storage units are almost always well-lit. We wouldn’t ever recommend renting an off-site storage unit that isn’t well-lit. After all, good lighting is arguably the only advantage off-site storage has over on-site storage.

2. Secure

Like on-site storage containers, most off-site storage units are extremely secure. Made out of heavy-duty steel and equipped with a bevy of locks, they are nearly impenetrable to anyone who does not have the key.


1. Not Portable

If you need portable storage, off-site storage units will be of little use. These units are firmly established in one place and are not capable of moving at all.

2. Lacking Convenience

Whereas on-site storage containers can be delivered directly to the desired points of their users, off-site storage units are confined to the one area upon which they are built. This can make them extraordinarily inconvenient to use.

For this reason, we recommend using off-site storage for long-term purposes. This will save you the hassle of running back and forth in order to get your hands on the items you need.

Interested in Utilizing On-site Storage in Schaumburg?

Have you decided which storage option is best for you? If so, and if you’ve decided on an on-site storage container, we here at Lakeshore Recycling Systems are the company to see. We are the premier provider of on-site storage rentals in Schaumburg, Illinois.

Offering a range of sizes, we can deliver your container directly to your desired drop-off point. Then, after you’re finished using it, we will pick it up from your location as well.

Contact us today to discuss your storage needs!

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